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Listen to the Lyrics of this Song

And the funny thing is, it is still epic!

Mom Got Injured

Thankfully, she’s fine. It was a small car crash. It damaged some of her car, but even that ain’t huge.

My dad is going to buy me a beater car soon.

Obvious Conservative Trolls are REALLY Obvious

Obvious Conservative Troll is Obvious

Either that, or she is just that stupid. You be the judge. MJ’s comments in bold.
It is nice to see that, as an aged, mature, conservative woman, you have a sense of logic and sympathy. Because if is perfectly healthy and sane to demand the DEATHS of people who disagree with you politically.
Even if they DO hate America.
Why in the FUCK would some asshole hate a country that is supposed to be FREE?! Are you some asshole or spoiled fucking BRAT!
What a bastion of knowledge you are! (Damned Straight)

People who ‘hate’ their own country should be hung, thats MY opinion, if you dont like it, GO to a country where treachery is ALLOWED. I guarantee you, 100%, traitors are NOT allowed in other nations, (except the DUMBASS UK) we have let you bastards get away with WAY TOO much

What is your plan, MJ? What would you do if you ran America?
Set up some concentration camps to put those evil leftists in?
(Better I do it first, before you do it. Look at you JEW HATING Trash @ #OWS for ie, you LEFTISTS are Anti semitic slobs, of COURSE a right minded Jew can see you Jew hating, Israel hating TRASH, and fight back before YOU begin your assault)

Imagine if Obama made a replicant of this post, but the subject was about conservatives. (NewsFlash, check the DHS Website, dumbass where it TARGETS WHITE CONSERVATIVES, you’re not too brilliant, sugar..)

You would have a hundred thousand posts about it and demand his impeachment.

(I always love how you COMMIES are mis-informed IDIOTS and as USUAL cannot see the danger we are already in)

By the way, all Communists are left-wing, but not all left-wingers are Communists (BULLSHIT). Most aren’t, actually. EDIT, this is not YOUR website to say ugly things, I AM the dictator here.
but I am just saying the truth.

Leftwingers do NOT EVER tell the truth.


Even for a troll, this is pretty sad.

What the…

Sorry, Malkyrian

Sorry, the following post is going to be chaotic, but I am a bit angry over this.


Really? Rape culture? Seriously? America is not only anti-women, but it is “pro-rape”?

Now, I do not want women, or anybody, to get raped. I find it reprehensiable that many women are raped multiple times and the cases often go unreported.

But, really…the person is too liberal for ME.

Seriously, we are going to cry and moan about men calling women “bitches”? Don’t get me wrong, too much profanity is always ugly, but isn’t it a BIT of a stretch to say you are supporting rape in that way?

“I’ll make you my bitch”. What if the woman likes that? Is engaging in bdsm encourging rape?

A lot of the links do show stories which are a bit depressing. but other times she goes on a hissy fit. “Rape culture is stories about rape being featured in the Odd News section of a website.” She then links to an article where she complains about Odd News citing odd rape cases. She says that this is trivalizing women’s troubles. I find this equivelent to reading to reading in a fun fact book about a guy getting killed by a bananan and saying “That’s not funny! Why is this book so hateful?! He DIED!”

“Rape culture is tasking victims with the burden of rape prevention. Rape culture is encouraging women to take self-defense as though that is the only solution required to preventing rape. Rape culture is admonishing women to “learn common sense” or “be more responsible” or “be aware of barroom risks” or “avoid these places” or “don’t dress this way,” and failing to admonish men to not rape.

Trying to tell women to learn how to defend themselves from a horrible crime? SEXIST!

And we do admonish men to not rape: “If you rape someone, you are going to PRISON!”

Rape culture is using the word “rape” to describe something that has been done to you other than a forced or coerced sex act. Rape culture is saying things like “That ATM raped me with a huge fee” or “The IRS raped me on my taxes.”

“Aw man, that guy just raped my charcter.”


“Aw man, I just got murdered in bowling.”

“I know, right!”

“I’m not offending murder victims?”

“Who gives a shit about murder victims. Unless they were raped.”

Rape culture is rape being used as entertainment, in movies and television shows and books and in video games.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Killing 50 men in GTA”


“Now, let me just beat up a hooker…”


Rape culture is rape jokes. Rape culture is rape jokes on t-shirts, rape jokes in college newspapers, rape jokes in soldiers’ home videos, rape jokes on the radio, rape jokes on news broadcasts, rape jokes in magazines, rape jokes in viral videos, rape jokes in promotions for children’s movies, rape jokes on Page Six (and again!), rape jokes on the funny pages, rape jokes on TV shows, rape jokes on the campaign trail, rape jokes on Halloween, rape jokes in online content by famous people, rape jokes in online content by non-famous people, rape jokes in headlines, rape jokes onstage at clubs, rape jokes in politics, rape jokes in one-woman shows, rape jokes in print campaigns, rape jokes in movies, rape jokes in cartoons, rape jokes in nightclubs, rape jokes on MTV, rape jokes on late-night chat shows, rape jokes in tattoos, rape jokes in stand-up comedy, rape jokes on websites, rape jokes at awards shows, rape jokes in online contests, rape jokes in movie trailers, rape jokes on the sides of buses, rape jokes on cultural institutions

“Offense jokes? Oh my…OH MY GOD! Call the police! Get the army, the navy, and the ACLU! THIS IS A PG ENVIROMENT! Only if they are about rape, though. Dead babies jokes, dirty ones, racist ones, violent ones…they are AWWWW RIGHT!”


Lady, you have single-handedly undid whatever respect I had for feminists. You could have just made the article about how rape is “common” in the USA and the courts don’t take it seriously enough, but instead, you go uber-pc and claim that every instance of a person toning down the effects of rape, regardless of situation, is endorcing it. Your logic can apply to many harsh things that we form idioms for or make fun of, such as racism, murder, suicide, crime, etc, but you only aplly it to rape because, well, it is rape. It really doesn’t help the steroytype against feminists as being extraordinarly biased, wishing for a world where any negative thought can’t be said that doesn’t agree with their agenda.

I would call you a “fat, downs-syndrome” woman, but I would be worried that that would give you a heartattack, since the phrase insults fat people and the mentally handicapped. The only word you allow as a curse word is “fucking”, due to, according to your logic, deep hatred for people who get laid, an impossiablity for you.

Yeh, I got out of hand. But when you call people who use the word “rape” as a word to mean the same as pwn as “supporting a rape culture”, then you are going to get some people pissed off.


I drew a flower with my graphing calculator. I might post a pic of it someday.

Bump Again

Sick, In Multiple Ways (Fox News Fans Support Sexual Harassment?)

Sore throat, chills, had to take the day off. I got better, though.




In all, 56 percent of the girls and 40 percent of the boys said they had  experienced at least one incident of sexual harassment during the school year.

This statistic is really sad. We shouldn’t be harrasing people, period, let alone doing so on such an immature basis.

Of course, since Fox News fans are such great and godly people, it should be suspected that they will share sympathy for the kids, right?

 Society is awash in s&x. Look at what pases for normal behavior in movies  and on television. Schools feel compelled to teach grade schoolers about  h0mo0s&xuality etc and we are surprised about this. (+3)

Uhh…this study had counted anti-gay remarks like “faggot”. Guess the “indoctrinization” backfired. I doubt anybody is getting made fun of for being straight, either.

But hey, this is proably a fluke…

What is this article about? kids exploring sexuality?  more and more we are  criminalizing behaviour that has gone on for hundreds of years in schools. This  is natural behaviour what’s next banning playground cus kids get
Post  truamatic stress syndrome from dodge ball? (+3)

It’s not sexual harassment! It is “exploring sexuality”!

Maybe this is all bad luck. Surely our family-value friends want to protect our children from unwarranted sexual conversations, right?

Not suprising, what with the teachers’ unions and all.  (+2)

Um…what? Another fluke…

Ever seen lesbians_doing each other?  They use fake_cocks!!!!!!! What a  bunch of hypocritical_fucks eh? (+2)

These comments are quite off topic.

OH WELL… kids will be kids, parents need to GROW UP (+2)

Some of us do not like to be exposed to speech that distresses us. This is especially true for kids, who are much more vulnerable and are still trying to figure out which values they believe in. Around half of the kids in the school system suffer from such attacks, even though the school is supposed to be a kind place where everyone can learn. Nearly 90% of the people harrassed said it had a negative effect on them. This is an ugly problem caused by ugly people…AND THE PARENTS ARE THE ONES THAT ARE IMMATURE!!!???

It continues:

LOL, heII I remember as a teenager being “sexually harassed” would have been  considered a positive thing. (+4)     

OH NO!  That kid called another kid GAY!!!  The horror!  Quick,  get a lawyer, he just comitted sexual harrassment!  This is crazy.  I  am pretty sure that a boy calling another gay isnt the first boy making an  “unwanted sexual advance” on the other!  Lets quit being pansy @$$e$ and  tell the Gay mafia to go to h#ll (+6)

Yeah, lets allow out students to be harrased! Emotional bullying is A-OKAY! If you don’t want to be harrassed you are a PUSSY! Except if someone is insulting Christianity. That is TRUE EVIL!

When I was in high School, we called it “making out”…have things changed THAT  much? (+1)    

This is what this  country has come down to?  A poll about “Sexual Harassment” in “Grades  7-12”?  Come on, let’s get to the meat of the story, start the survey at  kindergarten.  What a pathetic country, next time we fight a war let’s hope  we don’t have to stop for a break every 28 days.

“Survey: Sexual Harassment Pervasive in Grades 7-12”

This is what this  country has come down to?  A poll about “Sexual Harassment” in “Grades  7-12”?  Come on, let’s get to the meat of the story, start the survey at  kindergarten.  What a pathetic country, next time we fight a war let’s hope  we don’t have to stop for a break every 28 days. (+2)

Yeah. Most humans start getting sexual thoughts at around junior high school years. What, were you never in junior high?

The waitress at the diner this very morning asked me “can I get you more coffee  steetie?”.
What an outrage…..anyone know Gloria Allreds Number, I have been Sxually harrassed. (+5)

It never fails everytime some egghead writes an article about this it always  comes down to the boys being at fault.
After 40 years of liberals trying to  turn boys into sissys they can’t understand why boys continue to be  boys.
The intreaction of girls and boys can be explained the same way as m a  s t u r b ation.
“If the lord didn’t want you to play with it he’d of  put it in the middle of your back”   (+5)

The article only mentioned that girls were more likely to be sexually harrassed than boys, which it backed up with stats. P.S. – You’re a stupid-as-fuck redneck.

There is nothing new here. All this went on in the 70s when I was in school. The  only difference was people didn’t let it get to them as much. Our kids have no  mental toughness anymore. We need fewer counselors and more P.E. coaches.


Yeah, because that is what these kids need: a man to tell them to do push-ups.

The biggest problem with the whole ”sexual harassment” thing is that one can  only be ”harassed” by someone whom they don’t like.  If they like the  person, while it’s technically still harassment, it isn’t looked at that  way.  We don’t need laws or rules, people just need to grow a pair and deal  with it.  We are becoming a country suffering from a condition known as  ”shrinking testes disorder”.  And it has affected much more than  harassment. (+6)  

“Well, sir, you’ve sent a hundred messages to a fellow classmate, saying he’s a faggot over and over again. Congratulations! The victim, however…grow a pair!”

I was harrassed as a kid – called names with regard to my sex–ual orientation –  40 years later – I’m a gaaaaay guy with a PhD.  Grow up and move on  folks.  Harrassment is part of life.  Stop living life on a pillow top  mattress – what a bunch of pansies. (+5)

Sadly, no number of PhDs will give you a sense of compassition.

My God, a generation without a potential Presidential candidate due to past  sexual harassment charges.  My,  my, what nonsense! (+2)  

I remember high school fondly: all the pretty young high school girls. I  remember a lot of  a s s grabbing and groping in the stairwell. Now this is  “s e xu a l harrassment?” Sounds like a bunch of femi-n a z i s need to get back  in the kitchen and bake me a pie…(+6)

“Sir, I was raped…”

“Damn! That was a lot of unwanted physical content you got there!”

“He needs to be sent to jail…”

“Why won’t you let kids be kids? FEMINAZI!”

I was s e x u a l l y harassed in high school by lots of girls, and I liked it.  (+5) 

Sexual harassment, is intimidation, bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.”

Nothing to worry about here,keep letting your kids watch MTV,and the gay  teletubbies etc… etc… etc..,and let the schools keep forcing s ex education  on elementary students,and dont forget to teach your little girl to condom up  that cuke. (+3)


This is a crock!  I’ve been listening this this B S for decades.  National Organization of Women…  Maybe that is the whole problem right there… Decades ago the women wanted to be accepted in men’s jobs and demanded equal opportunity.  Now any little thing offends them and they cry and whine and cry and whine!  It’s enough to feel like we should go back in time and rethink many of the so called “Progressive” reforms we call accomplishments.  99% of all these charges are lies!!!!! Things like this go hand in hand with every thing this society abuses… like medicated every kid with drugs to keep them pacified… like all those kids on prescription drugs have Attention Deficit Syndrome…”NOT”!!! (+5)
Boys were also revealed to often be harrassed. Also, nice comment on ADS, Dr. Jackass.
PC thought police are out in force. If it’s high school, unless it’s mean and ongoing, it’s not sexual harassment, it’s called puberty…
We need to drown half the lawyers in this country. There are so many of them they are starting to eat away at society like cancer… (+4)
Its not RAPE, its hormones!
Never happened in my school, why?  We were all white students with intact family life. (+5)
Conservatives aren’t racist. Anyone who says otherwise hates white people.
The way people think today a 10 year old boy tells his classmate that she is pretty would be “sexual harassment” and demand he register. (+9)   
 I really get sick of being told constantly that women are my equal but then I have to watch every word I say, every look, every everything to be sure not to bruise their fragile little feelings.  Put on the big girl pan ties ladies or go back to the kitchen.  (+13)
Why do these comments ignore that the study also states that boys were being harrassed?
well, let’s see, we have taken God, and any sort of morality out of the classroom, we have let political correctness take over the school system, teachers (not all granted) and unions are only worried about what they gain from the system, the government has taken most of the ability for parents to raise their children as they need to and most parents show no desire to actually raise their kids to be moral, productive members of society anyway, our society in general has become nothing but a entitlement culture, people thinking they deserve to be handed everything without actually working for it, in almost all venues of entertainment, our kids and society are constantly bombarded with violent and sexual content … and we wonder why our children have issues. (+12)
Yeah, its because of political correctness we have sexual harrasment, although the PC police want hat to stop! Can’t we go back to the “Leave it to Beaver” “Ack, Its a Black Guy!” culture?
Our whole society is permissive of things that were previously considered wrong. For example, it was all right for a married  President to cheat in the Whitehouse with an aide. It was defended by the Democrats.  Liberals promote a society where there is no rule of conduct, so that’s what we’re getting. It’s OK to have children without marriage, but no prayers, no religion, no punishment for bad behaviors.  Kids normally have an high interest in discovering, that’s not new.  But when they are bombarded with adult type input for years, there needs to be rules for living to balance it.   (+8)
Yeah, because cheating certianly is a “high crime”. All presidents who have cheated on their spouse are evil and should have never been elected! Especially if you did it with a slave! Wait a minute…
Brought to you by progressives/women’s movement:

-Children sent to day care before they are weaned instead of women fulfilling their rightful roles as wife/mother

-Young girls/women engaging in contest to wear the most suggestive attire possible at work/school.

-Male role diminished as provider/protector and portrayed as buffoons in the media.

Have I forgotten anything? (+15)

1. Women trying to get jobs to support their family? GET BACK IN THE KICKHEN!
2. Women being sexual? GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN!
3. Okay, that is just a complete ass-pull.
I think lately the teachers are the people guilty parties. They rob a boy of his manhood and teach the girls to be manly. Then there’s the homosexual agenda which means no one is safe. (+12)
I thougth they were teachng our girls to become whores. Manly whor…okay, seriously, what do homosexuals have to do with this?
 Trying to create a Utopia on  this earth will never work.  Love God with all your heart, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself would solve a great deal, don’t you think?   Too bad we kicked God out of the schools, huh?   (+9)

Trying to create a Utopia on  this earth will never work.  Love Allah all your heart, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself would solve a great deal, don’t you think?   Too bad we kicked Allah f the schools, huh?
Its pretty funny to see some people support the harrassment, others against it, yet they both somehow blame liberals.


I was bored, so I went to Gundam Wiki. Instead of doing utterly pointless shit there, I found a link to the Gundam Fanon Wiki.

It was mostly quite typical…but I found one “popular” article interesting…


Yeah…the robot is a Mary Sue with everything possible from SEED and 00, the creator is its own pilot…and the artwork he has for it is the worst thing to ever be called a giant robot.

I’m just saying.