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Love Looks Less and Less Real Everday

A recent survey found that 50% of men would dump their girlfriend if they gained weight.  Only 20% of women said the same. I also found a study which said something like 1 out of 3 people would leave their partner if they lost their ability to use their legs.

In other words, nothing that I didn’t already assume.



Attack of the Killer Facts Mistakes (and Ron Paul)

-Furries are not only people who dress if fur suits and get sexual pleasure from it. Some furries like to draw anthroes of themselves, but not for sexual pleasure. Some are attracted to anthroes, but not fur suits. In other words, all fur suiters are furries, but not all furries are fur suiters.

-We have known the source of poison dart frog’s posion for quite some time now. They get their posion from their diet of ants. That’s why they lose it in captivity.

-This book acts like Lizzie Borden definatly killed her parents. She was found not guilty and never confessed, nor was there any defining evidence.

Okay book, overall, though.


I found out that Ron Paul is actually pretty popular with some people on the internet. I would be okay with him (I have no idea what works to make a good economy)…if it weren’t for his idiodic stances on church and state, freedom of speech (he tried to get burning the flag prohibited), abortion, and gay marriage. He also has this weird obsesstion with states vs. federal goverment, which I will never, in a hundred thounsand years, understand unless its a ploy to get things the way he wants it to be. Why is the state goverment so different that the federal one?

Most of all, though, is his absolutely ridiculous fans:

REVOLT (+16)

Please vote Ron Paul! Hes our only hope. (+13)

Why is America so unbelievably stupid What happened to them? Why do we put up with all of this shit the government forces upon us and gives us these lame candidates. It’s no different if you voted for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, they’re still the same idiot. I wouldn’t vote because the whole system is corrupt, but Ron is the only one who gives a shit about personal liberties, is aware of how bad our system is, wants to abolish foolish programs and bring back our original freedoms. Vote for Ron. (+17) (Except the freedom to burn flags, and he’s pretty fine with people losing the right to have abortions or same sex marriage if the state decides it)

This is the only politician who makes any sense. It’s Ron Paul in 2012, or this country is doomed. (+62)

I know a patriot when I see one, and Ron Paul is the only patriot running for president since James Madison. (+43)

Chill! People are very comfy in their armchairs, glued to the TV with a bucket of icecream/chicken/pork/beef/pop­corn and a canister of coke! They are too fat and too dumb to fight! (+26) (Fun fact: this argument has been made for every single position, no matter how extreme, ever)

Ron Paul….will become the REAL 44th President of the United States of America in 2012!! (+48)


gave me goosebumps (+7) (On Ron Paul ad)

Ron Paul encourages me to be a good human being.

I want to emulate Ron Paul.

I live in Canada. (+6)

This should have more than 30,000 views! If the media didn’t censor Ron Paul, there would be no question who would win the next presidency! (+29) (I know how you feel. I would be emperorer of the universe if it weren’t for the God damn media!)

I hope and pray to God he does not get Assassinated. If so, time to riot. (+24)

I’m an Athiest, but by force of habit I’m inclined to say God bless Ron Paul, this guy needs to be in the drivers seat for a few laps. (+58) (*Points to his stance on seperation of church and state*)

Ron Paul, just some friendly information…I already gave up. I took 95% of my capital out of the US Dollar, quit my job as a Policeman and left the country. Now I have land in Northern Europe, gold, silver, and francs. The smartest decision was to get out from under the ”Owe”bama regime that is headed by the Federal Reserve as ”Federal” as Federal Express. Ron Paul is America’s only hope but cannot win because the media plays games with him and most Americans are too dumb/ignorant. (+70) (Sorry I don’t know how the Federal reserve works compared to  other systems. Guess I am a dumbass for disagreeing with you economically. DOI!)

@JourneyOfCelebration Then you’re an idiot. I think America needs to split in two. Libertarians get their own country with the Constitution and the rest of you tools can practice socialism/communism somewhere else. (+???) (Sorry)( I think you are a Communist. REFUTATED!)

Ron Paul is like James Madison incarnate. He’s sworn to defend the Constitution and he’s one of the very few who takes his vow seriously. Ron Paul is my hero and he has my enthusiastic vote. Thank you for everything you do, Dr. Paul! (+39) (Ever get this strange feeling that, if the Consitution said “Kill all people named Bob” people would listen to it?)

 244 nazis watched this video (+2) (on the dislikes)(Hi guyz how do i Godwin?)

What a Ticket for the Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, Common Sense, Truth, Reason, Hope and America’s Future and Prosperity….

Dr. Ron Paul / Dr. David Duke

FOR 2012. (+7)(Two can play at that game).


Yeah. Even disregarding the fanatics, I’m not sure if I trust him since he is a social conservative. Not to mention I vowed that I will vote for Barrack Obama simply because the reaction to him as been so overtop that his far right opponents can’t go a week without calling him a socialist, communist, marxist, fascist or a secret atheist/muslim. I just want to spite those people at this point.

Quick One

Today’s not-by-me video:



I had an interesting dream. Might make it into a short story. What would I do with it, though?

Japan and Enigma

Once again I find myself listening to Zager and Evans and other old, emotional songs.

Hey, lets make fun of Japan, as usual!

Why do you have a market for figures of hot (or cute) anime women for upwards of 50 or even over a 100  U.S. dollars? How about over 200?

Why does is their a market worth an estimated  to be at over 600 million dolars on fan material alone? Why do you need to capitalize on at the expense of the retarded? Why can’t I find the study that provides these statistics?

Why are you the only consistant source for serious animation when you have been failing to provide anything decent, not moe or porn, for years?

Uh…that’s it. For now.


I’m also listening to Enigma. Here are some of my favorites:




Love how my music ranges from hardcore to meditative. I just like emotion.


My Little Pony gets 127572 hits on Deviant Art…



Thumbs up if Male (+137)(12 hours ago)

@Mekose Watching this show for the first time is like getting raped by Scarlett Johansson. You can try to tell yourself over and over again that you did not enjoy it. But by God you know that deep down, you fucking did. (+64)

thumbs up if you are a dude who watched the whole episode. (+45)

This episode in particular shows just how tough Rarity has it. She seems shallow and prissy, but that’s because she has to be…she works in a profession that values appearances above all else, with clients to match. Her entire job revolves around satisfying the needs of prim and proper ponies that need nothing except a good appearance, and that’s really rubbed off on the way she carries herself. I mean, there’s still her ego and her tendency to be a bit callous, but…nobody’s perfect. (+75) (ITS A KID’S SHOW!)

yeah…..i take back what i said. I judged it before watching it. I thought it was going to be your run of the mill girly cartoon. But this… its different. I watched one episode and before i knew what happened it was… over.Sure, for awhile i questioned my sexuality, but MLP:FIM is bright, keeps my attention ,the storyline isn’t bad characters are actually interesting. Once again I take back what i said. (+11) (WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!)



100th Post!

Another video from TheAmazingAtheist:


Not the only bad response to the attack, though…


Isn’t it sad that the shootings are really just being used as political material, just like the one in Arizona?


The same day I rented The Cat Returns, I bought two double feature DVDs: All Dogs Go to Heaven and its sequel and The Secret of Nihm and its sequal. I watched the first ADGtH first.

It was an okay movie. It is about a dog who lives a risky life, gets a second chance, and befriends a human girl. It didn’t need to have dogs, but its a kid movie, so whatever. The animation was pretty good and the plot was at least interesting…but there were just too many problems with the storytelling. The main charcter (who looks a lot like scooby doo, when you think about it) really does a face turn at the last moment, deciding to help the girl, even if it doesn’t benefit him.

But worse of all is the the multiple events in the film the either amount to nothing or just come out of nowhere. Examples:

-The main charcter has a dream where he is sent to Hell for his actions. His reaction? Later on, he compltely trashes he girl he was with. WTF?

-An enemy dog is nearly killed by by pirhanas by his boss, but he saves his life by giving his boss a ray gun. The boss dog uses it on the main dog. He just shrugs it off. It is not expllained if the dog is immortal or if the ray gun just sucks. The gun and the fish are never used again, and the shooting is barely mentioned.

-This is the most infamous one: The big lipped alligator. Comes out of nowhere just  for a musical number (by the way, the main charcter is a terrible singer) and as a method to help out the charcters later in the film. Should have completely removed the charcter.

Overall, a C+ film.

I Lost Interest in Books

I went to Borders yesterday, trying to buy books. The only book I was really interested in was a book of facts. I used to read a lot, but now I have lost interest for everything.  Here is how I think every single book of their genre’s breakdown:

Action – The title is either not note-worthy or has a weapon on it. The plot is  identical to a movie that has already been released, only the nouns are replaced.

Horror – Each ghost novel is a rip off of another. The same is true with zombies, vampires, werewolves, mass murderers, and eldritch monsters.

Romance – Half of the covers have shirtless men with muscles so mindbendingly large they look more like The Hulk than actual people. Half of these men have their eyes and head covered to avoid being identified, as not to shame themselves and their families. The other half are mostly couples, women alone, or something sterotypically romantic, like a wilting rose in the sunset. Ironically, the people who read these novels will never be as hot as the people on the novel’s covers. It is a little known fact that the plots are actually written by a coumputer, using an allogrithim to make the stories increasingly sappy.

Reference/History – So boring I’d rather watch paint dry. In fact, we did have paint drying the other day. Hmmm…

Fantasy  – All modern day fantasy novels are actually based on IRL D&D Campaigns.

Sci-Fi – All modern day sci-fi novels are actually based on IRL D&D Campaigns, except nouns like “goblins, knights, and swords” are replaced with “aliens, spacemen, and laser guns.”

Manga – Unless your name is Bleach, One Piece, or Naruto, you are a fantasy story that takes place in a high school. The rest of the  story is made of cliches so over used it is bordering fan fiction. There is a love interest…friends are hurt…magic and spirits…hanging out with friends for long periods of time…etc.

Oh well. At least the fact book is interesting.


Important note to self: If you ever reconsider reviving your hope in humanity, give up. I have tried once again, and they have failed. Not as miserably as other times, but still so.

I tried to form a bond ONCE AGAIN to no avail. I tried the chatroom where I used to go to, under a different name. I thought I was getting along fine, but then this happened.

 This is an altered transcript:

L: .quote vibrator (gets quote on vibrators)

T: .quote T (gets quote on himself, about raping)


Me: Huh. No results. Must be a glitch.

Mod: *polishes banhammer*

Me: Oh. You have a banhammer? I’m Sorry. I’M SORRY. i’m sorry.

K: Anybody tell you you are not funny?

Me: As opposed to…T:”I’m a dong as well”?

Me: .quote (I get a quote on rape, dicks, and two regulars)

Me: As opposed to rape and dicks? 

T: .quote (gets quote on orgasms)

Me: As opposed to that?

Mod: …Quotespam

Me: You should get my point. Nobody is funny here.

Mod: You don’t appretiate that brand of humor

Me: You don’t appretiate MY brand of humor!

T: Quotes show how fucked up we can get.

Mod: I think you are an annoying twat

Me: That is your opinion.

Mod: I never said you are a twat

Me: I never said you did, I said it was your opinion

K: If you stopped talking forever, things would improve.

Mod: You are being redundant.

K: for that matter, if you want to bitch about the sense of humour shared by a group of over a hundred people, its generally a smarter idea to do it elsewhere than to try and antagonise those people directly as if you come off as anything less than a total dick.

Me: You mad, bro?

Mod: Do I sense trolling?

K: no, but I am considering making a request of the ops, since persuading them to ban you shouldn’t be difficult in light of how you annoy everyone currently present.

Me: Oh no. I’m going to get banned. The horror. Whatever. not my fault I’m a negative person

L: Yes it is

K: Actually, it is

Me: So, you want me to phyiscally change my personality? (I think I meant really or completely)

T: Well, being negitive like this usualy doesn’t work in the internet

Me: So?

K: personality is not a physical attribute, its a mental one.

Me: I’m not going to change my persnoality, which I think is fine, just because other people disagree with it

L: (links to an article that says “Please be a giant dick so we can ban you”)

Me: I’m not preventing anyone from banning anyone.

K: we aren’t asking you to change your personality, leaving forever would be ok.

Me: You are getting pretty angry over one line of dialogue.

Mod: This is getting silly. Stop.


I didn’t get banned. But I am not going back. And these are people that actually share interests with me…yet lose their shit over me crtizing their lame jokes?

I  really am alone in this world, aren’t I?

The Cat Return, Plus My Parents

I watched The Cat Returns (legally!). It was actually one of the best films I have ever watched, underated compared to the rest of Studio Ghibli’s work. Its LEGITAMITLY funny and puts you into another world with ease. And, as usual, the animation is great. A+ film, perfect for the entire family.


We rented The Cat Returns from Blockbuster for a dollar. My mom was going to go by herself to return the DVD at night. But my dad almost yelled at me when I said it wasn’t neccicary for me to go with her. He said “It was the gentlmanly thing and you really should get used to it when dating.”

None of my arguments of “She can fend for herself” would work. I could have pointed out that if the situation were reversed, we wouldn’t have been having the conversation, but that would not have worked, either. I like being nice to my friends, but I am not going to do something for the other sex while ignoring the other.

It irks me.


I had a dream last night. In it, I married a friend (that doesn’t actually exsist) and were walking in a park. Someone asked if I was gay. I said no and we married becaause we were in love, but not sexually attracted to each other. He then asked why we were even married, then.

Isn’t it sad that is probably the way we would react to that situation in real life?

Source Code Sucked, Kind of


When I came into the film, I expected a decent Inception knock-off. What I got was an Inception knock-off that was even more convoluted than Inception. Does the “time travel” happen by going through a person’s memories or by going back in time for about 7 or 8 minutes? Is it natural or not for the machine to go beyond that time period? Is he dead or alive in the main universe? How was he able to create an alternate universe? Why did he fall in love with a woman he never knew for more than 7 minutes at a time?

The ending was the worse part. If it weren’t for that, the film would have gotten a B-, maybe a B. However, the ending fealt like the movie makers could get away with anything if they just added SCIENCE to it, just for a happy ending. At least Inception had a good 30 minutes pretty much explaining the power and limits of  the technology they used.

Very overated. C+ film.


Hate to post other people’s videos, but this video is pretty good:


12 Angry Men, 1 Great Movie

12 Angry Men was a great movie. I mean, I like other things better, but, then again, I have a bias towards fantasy. It was the best thing they could do with a court drama. It was very well acted and had few legitamate flaws. An A+ film. Too bad I had to watch it on blue ray, which kind of messed up the lighting, especially on the charcters.

Finally, something on the level of Miyazaki films and, well, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. 😛


I had some weird dreams last night. The more frightning one was where a man kidnapped a bunch of teenagers my age and made them go through tests. Only the smartest people survive, while the rest would experience horrid deaths. The other one was about a trailer for Green Lantern 2 which somehow stared our family without our consent.

I like dreams.