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Sorry, Malkyrian

Sorry, the following post is going to be chaotic, but I am a bit angry over this.


Really? Rape culture? Seriously? America is not only anti-women, but it is “pro-rape”?

Now, I do not want women, or anybody, to get raped. I find it reprehensiable that many women are raped multiple times and the cases often go unreported.

But, really…the person is too liberal for ME.

Seriously, we are going to cry and moan about men calling women “bitches”? Don’t get me wrong, too much profanity is always ugly, but isn’t it a BIT of a stretch to say you are supporting rape in that way?

“I’ll make you my bitch”. What if the woman likes that? Is engaging in bdsm encourging rape?

A lot of the links do show stories which are a bit depressing. but other times she goes on a hissy fit. “Rape culture is stories about rape being featured in the Odd News section of a website.” She then links to an article where she complains about Odd News citing odd rape cases. She says that this is trivalizing women’s troubles. I find this equivelent to reading to reading in a fun fact book about a guy getting killed by a bananan and saying “That’s not funny! Why is this book so hateful?! He DIED!”

“Rape culture is tasking victims with the burden of rape prevention. Rape culture is encouraging women to take self-defense as though that is the only solution required to preventing rape. Rape culture is admonishing women to “learn common sense” or “be more responsible” or “be aware of barroom risks” or “avoid these places” or “don’t dress this way,” and failing to admonish men to not rape.

Trying to tell women to learn how to defend themselves from a horrible crime? SEXIST!

And we do admonish men to not rape: “If you rape someone, you are going to PRISON!”

Rape culture is using the word “rape” to describe something that has been done to you other than a forced or coerced sex act. Rape culture is saying things like “That ATM raped me with a huge fee” or “The IRS raped me on my taxes.”

“Aw man, that guy just raped my charcter.”


“Aw man, I just got murdered in bowling.”

“I know, right!”

“I’m not offending murder victims?”

“Who gives a shit about murder victims. Unless they were raped.”

Rape culture is rape being used as entertainment, in movies and television shows and books and in video games.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Killing 50 men in GTA”


“Now, let me just beat up a hooker…”


Rape culture is rape jokes. Rape culture is rape jokes on t-shirts, rape jokes in college newspapers, rape jokes in soldiers’ home videos, rape jokes on the radio, rape jokes on news broadcasts, rape jokes in magazines, rape jokes in viral videos, rape jokes in promotions for children’s movies, rape jokes on Page Six (and again!), rape jokes on the funny pages, rape jokes on TV shows, rape jokes on the campaign trail, rape jokes on Halloween, rape jokes in online content by famous people, rape jokes in online content by non-famous people, rape jokes in headlines, rape jokes onstage at clubs, rape jokes in politics, rape jokes in one-woman shows, rape jokes in print campaigns, rape jokes in movies, rape jokes in cartoons, rape jokes in nightclubs, rape jokes on MTV, rape jokes on late-night chat shows, rape jokes in tattoos, rape jokes in stand-up comedy, rape jokes on websites, rape jokes at awards shows, rape jokes in online contests, rape jokes in movie trailers, rape jokes on the sides of buses, rape jokes on cultural institutions

“Offense jokes? Oh my…OH MY GOD! Call the police! Get the army, the navy, and the ACLU! THIS IS A PG ENVIROMENT! Only if they are about rape, though. Dead babies jokes, dirty ones, racist ones, violent ones…they are AWWWW RIGHT!”


Lady, you have single-handedly undid whatever respect I had for feminists. You could have just made the article about how rape is “common” in the USA and the courts don’t take it seriously enough, but instead, you go uber-pc and claim that every instance of a person toning down the effects of rape, regardless of situation, is endorcing it. Your logic can apply to many harsh things that we form idioms for or make fun of, such as racism, murder, suicide, crime, etc, but you only aplly it to rape because, well, it is rape. It really doesn’t help the steroytype against feminists as being extraordinarly biased, wishing for a world where any negative thought can’t be said that doesn’t agree with their agenda.

I would call you a “fat, downs-syndrome” woman, but I would be worried that that would give you a heartattack, since the phrase insults fat people and the mentally handicapped. The only word you allow as a curse word is “fucking”, due to, according to your logic, deep hatred for people who get laid, an impossiablity for you.

Yeh, I got out of hand. But when you call people who use the word “rape” as a word to mean the same as pwn as “supporting a rape culture”, then you are going to get some people pissed off.


I drew a flower with my graphing calculator. I might post a pic of it someday.


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