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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Song of the Day – The Least 333 Seconds


A+ song right here. A perfect mix of techno and fast classical music.


Songs of the Day – Dustman Theme and Megaman 4 Final Boss Theme


A kind of sad, but upbeat song. NES classic.

How epic can a short loop be?

(Yeah, I’m scaling pack on quality of reviews. Oh well.)


Watched Sherlock Holmes 2, by force. I didn’t see the first, but I don’t think that is really required. It was okay. The action scenes were just typical and Holmes was just too good at times, but some scenes were really clever. B.


Song of the Day – The Guyver Theme


Despite being VERY incomplte, Guyver had some rocking music. It is a typical Jap action show song, but the songs are always cool to listen to.


Let’s Share a Video!

Song of the Day – The Danger Zone (Not from Top Gun)


The vocals on the chorus of this song is amazing. I mean…wow. The rest of the song is promising, but the ending ruins the potential. The chorus only really shows up twice, with other times being notable slower and quiter. There is no huge ending. Still tolerable. I like to repeat the first two minutes :/.

And no, I don’t know who Tommy “The Touch” Wolf, Rev. Mike Simmons, and Dave “The Friendship” Maxwell are.


What is This I Don’t Even…

Song of the Day – Carol of the Bells

The below comment kind-of inspired me to do this. It will have a day to its own. 😛



This is the best version of the song “Carol of the Bells”. It doesn’t even sound like a Christmas song. It sounds like a chase song. In the winter, no less, but it isn’t really that happy. It sounds urgent. Too bad it is so short.


Wisdom > You

Movie Marathon

Me and my sister had a bit of a marathon.

We watched the Jungle Book 2’s second half. Pretty animation…but it is pretty much the same movie as the first. Pretty much like all disney sequeles.

The ending is…actually almost identical to the one in the Hunchback of Notre Dame…which we preceded to watch. My sister loved it. <3.

Finally, we watched the second half of Persepolis. I already read the first graphic novel, but I didn’t read the others, so it got to add to the story for me. Very good,. but it felt like it ended to quickly. Watch it if you are into biographies.

Never said that I watched the Corpse Bride, did I? That was a good film, too. It really felt like a fantasy story that came out from a children’s book. It was dark, well animated…no major problems.

My sister recognized Chistopher Lee in that film before I did. Wow.

Going to watch a bunch of stuff in the next few days. Chistmas first though.

Got an 80 B- in AP Calculus AB. I’m fine with that. 🙂

Fox News Fans Support: Murder of Homosexuals




So…a gay student was killed by another. The murderer said he did this because he was getting unwarranted sexual advances. However, there was evidence of a hate crime (although rule out by the court), since white nationalist material was found in the murderer’s house.

So, what do Fox’s comments say?

This little fudgepacker GOT WHAT HE DESERVED. He was trying to stick his_dick in  this kid’s_ass, the kid had enough of it, and blew the back of his head  off. He should get a medal for what he did. The_dead_faggot was  a_sexual predator, NOTHING MORE.  (+3)


It would be quite sickening to have a gay perons making constant  advances………..just thinking of it sickens me………should not have shot  him though, he did hurt himself………..to bad some one did not step in before  this happened (+3) (Straight advances are alright, though.)

If Brandon’s parents are reading any of these posting on Fox, I extend my  sympathy’s for your sons vindictive sentence and would like to send him some  funds to support him while he is incarcerated. He is a true “American Hero” for  helping to stem the tide of pe rver sion in the schools. Although being in  Kalifornia, the most decadent state in country,  hopefully this sentence  will be overturned by some court who is less h o m o friendly….  (+5) 

 I cannot speak for any God like image or belief system, I only speak for myself  and sympathize for the unfortunate boy that got put in prison for defending  himself against sexual assault by a sick kid..! (+4) (Where were you saying the same thing when Fox News comments were just saying “Let them be kids!”)

Who taught Larry King to sexually harass boys? Was it NAMBLA or the liberal  commenters on this blog or both? Hard call. (+3) (The appropiate response to sexual harrasment and murder:  “U mad, bro?”)

How much time do you get for killing a non gay student? (+6) (LEFTIST SCUMBAGS ARRESTING THIS AMERICAN HERO! HE ONLY GOT 30 YEARS BECAUSE OF THE FAGS!)

Semper Fi To All Out, Open Loud and Proud Gay Marines. (+4) (Um, what?)





King should have been expelled for sexual harassment.  King got shot  because the school okayed his sexual harassment due to the fact that he is  gay. (+6) (And for being a fag.)

Jesus was a fact and there is more documented evidence chronicling his life that  yours moron.  (+3) (The Bible says so!)

mooooslums hump goats,pigs and camels but at least they’re not fa ggots   (+2) (Problem?)


Wow. Just wow.