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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Bad Times

Dad: You keep forgetng to check the e-mail for extra credit.

Me: Sorry.

Dad: You are slacking.

Me: Just forgot.

Dad: Really? You are getting worse, grade-wise.

Me: This stuff is hard, I’m doing my best. You wouldn’t even have a chance yourself.

Dad: I’m not liking the way you are talking to me, son.


I cried a bit that night. I couldn’t control myself. I don’t like my dad, really. Don’t hate him, but he isn’t a dad to me. He still treats me like a child. I can’t say anything when he accuses me of being lazy, even though I’m doing my absolute hardest. Whatever. I’ll pretend to love him untilhe pays my way to college.


Went to a small college with a girl from AP Enviromental Science. We tried looking for the people we needed to work for for extra credit, but we couldn’t find them. Hopefully, we will still get extra credit.

Went to the aquarium Sunday. Fun, but I don’t want to go back for a while. gets boring after going to it so many times.


What I am Jamming To

Rhapsody of Fire. Awesome band, and the songs have an epic story behind them, although they are hard to follow. A+ band, don’t know who is better, them or Dragonforce. :O

Ghost in the Shell is One of the Worst Movies of all Time – Expanded

This movie was garbage. The fact that it has a high rating only proves that a bunch of psedo-intellecuals managed to collectivly approve it because it is “complex” and “metaphorical”.

The one good thing about it was the animation. Although I got bored of the color grey after a while, the style was unique and well-done. However, nothing else about this film is enjoyable.

I had no clue what was going on. There were too many terms being thrown around and the plot was moving WAY to fast at times. They never defined anything. I barely had an idea of what was going on in the film. This film is so complex it makes Inception look like My Little Pony. That does not make the film smart. That makes the film annoying. It needed at least 30 more minutes to get the viewer to understand the world and the charcters that inhabit it.

The ultimate message of the film…I just didn’t give a shit. Apparently, it is something to do with identity and how the AI wants to become human to replicate or something, so it fuses with the main charcter…I have no fucking clue.  And it succeeds…even though the charcter involved has no noticable personality change.

I absolutely hated this film. If someone read this film review (LOL unlikely), then they’ll probably call me an idiot. Fine. Go enjoy your Tree of Lifes and Eraserheads and Sad Clowns Flipping Pancakes. Meanwhile, I will search for something that actually has half-way decent narrative.


Ghost in the Shell is One of the Worst Movies of all Time











The Girl Who Leapt Through Plot Holes

I watched this anime with my sister today. It had nice music…but so much shit was wrong that I can’t recommend it. And that is in addition to not being as much of a fantasy film as I thought it would be.


-The bike deaths could have EASILY been prevented. Seriously…turn the bike…jump off…

-Magical walnut? Really?

-Okay, he went back in time…to view a painting? Really? And he didn’t take the precautions just in case he got stuck? How was there absolutely no pictures of this painting at the time, but information on its existence and where it was at what time?

-The girl goes back in time over the stupidest things. The most notable: going back in time to avoid another guy telling her that he knows about her ability…just to go back in time a minute to avoid the conversation.

-Why does it matter to the guy from the future that the girl knows his secret…when they are BOTH stuck in the past? Is there time police?

-He say’s wait for her…even though he must live in a place decades into the future. Hell, she doesn’t have to wait for her: all he needs is another time machine! He could even, get this, stay there!

-Her aunt says that multiple girls at her age experience time leaps. But, when you learn why she goes through them, this is pretty much impossiable.

Overall…C- at best. They tried to handle time travel, but they got too much wound up in their hands.


My sister finished playing Okami. Okay game. But it got old. B.

Probably failed epicly at Calculus test. And I didn’t do much better on a Pschy test. Feel depressed. If I don’t stay on the top 10%, I won’t get to go for free at a local coumunnity college. Yeah, bad mood.

Not Even Going to Comment

Let The Shit Hit the Fan

Well…I learned that two of my cousins are drug heads, another cousin is joining the bomb squad, but hasn’t told his family yet, and he has a girlfriend that is half black and half white…despite the fact his fater is kind of racist.


Deviant Art SMACKDOWN – Hetalia

557467 pieces of “art” are dedicated to this shit!

This show…was..terrible. I watched, like over 20 of the short episodes. At first, it looked like it had potential, with an idea I havn’t seen before. However…oh my God…

The plot is so ranDUMB and retarded. I can’t even critique it. 0.5 out of 5 Stars, I QUIT!

Deviant Art SMACKDOWN: Kingdom Hearts

That’s it…

I need to take Deviant Art DOWN! I am TIRED of so many people loving the site when their art and tastes are GARBAGE!

Let’s start with ranting about…KINGDOM HEARTS!


Kingdom Hearts has 552,926 pieces of art for it. So you would expect the game series would be good, right?


Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG that is most well-known for its crossovers with Final Fantasy charcters and, well, everything and anything related to Disney. Most of the levels are from Disney films, as well as a great majority of charcters. Of course, since Deviant Artists love fan fiction and anything Japanesse, they eat this shit up.

The plot is shit. The main charcters are a Gary Stu, a Mary Sue, a generic traitor who finds the light, and shitty disney charcters. It is basically a long fan fic, only less lulzy. Most of time, you just spend time at disney worlds (LOL!) that have nothing to do with the main plot, and the main plot is, as I said, to generic to care about. And the problems only stack up more as the series goes on. For the longest time, the game that branched numbers 1 and 2 was only for the GBA, which means that people without the GBA or the DS were kind of confused. The plot of KH2 focused on a group of beings that were supposed to have no emotions, even though they clearly want emotions REALLY BADLY and are willing to make sacrifices that don’t benefit them at all (Y’know, Axel…). Oh, and the person we thought was Ansem in the first game is not Ansem, but his heartless posing as Ansem…NO, it’s ANOTHER guy’s heartless posing as Ansem!

And DAYS…oh my God…the game’s plot is the EPITOME of fan fiction, even if it is canon. The game reveals nothing new except a new charcter…that everyone forgets by the end. And every charcter spams their catch phrases. Great.

Does the gameplay save the train wreck? Nope. You have a keyblade and spam presing the X button, once in a while dodging attacks or using a potion/cure spell. In the sequal, you spam the triangle button once in a while, too. That’s it. Nothing is indepth about the game play.You just spam buttons, doing little else.

so, its a mindless fanfiction game series…no wonder why deviants like it!