Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Obvious Conservative Troll is Obvious

Either that, or she is just that stupid. You be the judge. MJ’s comments in bold.
It is nice to see that, as an aged, mature, conservative woman, you have a sense of logic and sympathy. Because if is perfectly healthy and sane to demand the DEATHS of people who disagree with you politically.
Even if they DO hate America.
Why in the FUCK would some asshole hate a country that is supposed to be FREE?! Are you some asshole or spoiled fucking BRAT!
What a bastion of knowledge you are! (Damned Straight)

People who ‘hate’ their own country should be hung, thats MY opinion, if you dont like it, GO to a country where treachery is ALLOWED. I guarantee you, 100%, traitors are NOT allowed in other nations, (except the DUMBASS UK) we have let you bastards get away with WAY TOO much

What is your plan, MJ? What would you do if you ran America?
Set up some concentration camps to put those evil leftists in?
(Better I do it first, before you do it. Look at you JEW HATING Trash @ #OWS for ie, you LEFTISTS are Anti semitic slobs, of COURSE a right minded Jew can see you Jew hating, Israel hating TRASH, and fight back before YOU begin your assault)

Imagine if Obama made a replicant of this post, but the subject was about conservatives. (NewsFlash, check the DHS Website, dumbass where it TARGETS WHITE CONSERVATIVES, you’re not too brilliant, sugar..)

You would have a hundred thousand posts about it and demand his impeachment.

(I always love how you COMMIES are mis-informed IDIOTS and as USUAL cannot see the danger we are already in)

By the way, all Communists are left-wing, but not all left-wingers are Communists (BULLSHIT). Most aren’t, actually. EDIT, this is not YOUR website to say ugly things, I AM the dictator here.
but I am just saying the truth.

Leftwingers do NOT EVER tell the truth.


Even for a troll, this is pretty sad.


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