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Old Conservative Guy: looking for tall muscular black girl with long straight blonde hair, overused sloppy cunt, bad attitude, and strong desire to be dominated by short asian teenaged girl…… or any interesting lady that wishes to converse. m please, thank you.

The internet is strange.


Today on Home Trolling:

Girl: Man, I wish we were in the 50s. Back then, everything was great.

Second Girl: What about the internet?

Girl: I’d find other stuff to do.

Me: Like lynching black people.

Girl: Shut up, today has nothing.

Me: We have technology, more freedom of sppech, more tolerance, more free time, higher life expectancies…


My dentist says I have declacification in my teeth. I say, “Oh well, fuck it.” and drink a soda. My teeth are fucked.


Yesterday, I started something ridiculous. I will never tell you what it is, but I’ll tell you when it ends.




Well said, Manson.


I got like four pages of my story down. I just can’t imagine executing the story as well on paper as the story in my head.

I wish I could magically create animations. :/


Trying to find another anime to watch. Or anything, really. Even if it isn’t awesome, just something to fucking do.


Today in stupidity:

lol disaster movie is awesome too (+12) (On Epic Movie)

No one will ever surpass Eminem. (+25)

9-11 was government failure to enforce immigration laws… How is a government agent fondling my wee wee going to regulate US immigration?

Obama is more worried about gay soldiers playing with each others’ wee wees than he is about national security…

The borders are still wide open… and my wee wee is still not any safer than it was on 9-10-2000… When is the government going to stop playing with their wee wees and everyone else’s wee wees? (+9) (Logical explanation: Obama is far from a huge pro-illegal immigration fanatic, especially given his past votes on policies. He mainly wants immigration reform. The pat downs were endorced because one bomber tried to bomb a plane with a bomb in his underwear. LOLgical explanation: FUCK OBAMA, MEXICANS, AND THE QUEERS!)

 everything I wanted to learn about islam; I learned on 9-11 (+2)

 Mayor Bloomberg is a Freakin Joke. In the last election he just barely won. The Guy he went up against had no money. Bloomberg spent millions of dollars to be elected. Also how many time has Bloomberg switched party’s? IMPEACH BLOOMBERG!! (+9) (ON WHAT GROUNDS?)

You forgot to mention that not only did Obama give Brazil 2 bil to drill, but they will be drilling in OUR waters…yes, the Gulf of Mexico So in essence we will be buying OUR oil from Brazil. Obama does hate the USA. (+24) (Yes, not only is he wrong, but he HATES America. Everyone who disagrees with you hates thier country, don’t they? Not to mention a lot of the details being spread around seem to be overexaggerated due to outright panic: http://www.snopes.com/politics/gasoline/braziloil.asp)

Democrats wear diapers at protests, and the rest of the time also. (+2)(Cool immature insult, bro!)

Those Occult-ocrat senators all met up at a designated crop circle to plea to Xenu to cast a spell upon the bill. So then zombies show up in the capitol to begin their hellish shrieks “kill the bill”…. “kill the bill”…. stinkin’ up the place with their poor hygiene. (+4) (???)

Almost all politicians are liberals and muslims. (+10) (?????????????????)

Godless liberals have no religion and so they turn politics into their religion and then they eat, sleep and breathe politics to the point that that’s all that is left in life for any of us because we have to spend every waking second of our lives fighting them for the hope that one day we will win and then we can go back to living our lives and concentrating on something other than shitty fucking politics. (+11) (Yeah, all I think about is politics, nothing else. Of course, when a conservative Christian does this, its AWWWWWW RIGHHHTTTT!!!!)

Unions=Root of all Evil.

Even a 15 year old understands this shit (+29) (And then the Serpant said to Eve “Would you like to join the AFL?”)

Liberals are to blame for everything that’s wrong with this country. trufax (+45) (Like Bush?)

fuck obama! that anti-American cock suckin son of a bitch! (+3)

Barry Soetoro is an Indonesian illegal alien marxist usurper pos and doesn’t give 2 craps about the US or YOU! (+43) (u mad, bro?)

 Agreed! Obama is a Muslim, and his fruits [actions] clearly show this! (+2)

Oh, please. It’s taken this long for you to figure out that the Obamas hate this country? Michelle has already said it outright, and for the most part liberals hate America. (+2) (Oh, I was fine this country. But YOU…)

Hollywood liberal looneys are a hypnotized Satanic nazi death cult. (+2)(Problem, left wing?)

,,the only president in HISTORY to snub the armed forces..obama was raised by a tranvestite in indonesia..he is anything but an american kid..the guy is no good for america..if you cant see that you are an idiot (+5)(Citation needed)

We already know he hates America.

Plus hes a nigger. (+14) (Conservatives are never racist. Anyone who says otherwise is a racist).


If gays wanted to get married they would travel to a state where it was legal, and get married. (+2) (If blacks want to be free, they should just go to another state!)

Gays can come together, but don’t call it marriage because by definition, marriage is between a man and a woman. If the gays can’t grasp the definition of a goddamn WORD and they still want it to be called marriage, then they’re just childish immature pricks. (+5) (A few hundred years ago, it was between a man and a womanof the same race. In other cultures, it can be a man with a girl or a man with mulitple women. You can’t just say something is how it is and never give it a chance to be changed.)

lol Marriage.. nothing but a tool of the state to control the masses. (+3) (???)

Well boinking another guy in the anus doesn’t get you far in life. (+2) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turning



All homosexuals should be put in prison, period. We have laws agains pediphilia and beastiality, homosexuality is no different.

If homosexuality is going to be acceptable then why not marrying and screwing a horse or pig? All in the name of love right? (+2) (WOW!!!!!)

i HATE all the gays in this galaxy (+2)

lol so your gonna spin it on attraction? whats next? pedos can marry kids because thats who they are atrracted to…OH OH i know…i wanna marry 10 people…because i mean….im attracted to them all?

DUMBASS. (+2)(Slippery slop fallacy is slippery)

gay is a disease (+4)

Actually all the other fucknut judges along with Perez should cartwheel into a field of dicks and get assfucked themselves. Fucking fruitcake tried to ruin some beautiful girl’s dreams, in the end I hope it’ll just help ban Gay relationships/marriages further. Fuck you Perez hope you and all your fruitcake friends see this. Fuckin Fags. (+17)

Is it a crime to believe gay marriage is wrong. Perez Hilton is the fucking cunt. I bet he has a cunt. (+4)

any man who likes fucking another man in the ass is an embarrassment to the male gender (+2)

When gays, illegals, or even minorities have nothing intelligent to say during a discussion they resort to name calling.

(+12) (More not racsim!)

Liberals plan for life:

1. Listen to MSNBC or CNN

2. Don’t work but feel entitled to $ from others

3. ??????

4. Profit!

(+2) (Only liberals, illegals and niggers “Minorities” resort to name calling

The Long Post

Today, I got my bill for losing my Spanish II book. 70 dollars. 7o Dollars.

Can someone prove that that book is owrth 70 dollars? Anybody?

I also broke a gallon of milk while going down stares. It took a while to clean up and my parents had to get strict to get it done.

It really hurts when I fail. I think I kind of have a fear of failure.


I like to “troll” on Home. It sounds bad on my part, but I like to do so with a point. Observe:

Woman: God damn those bishes. BRB.

Me: Gotta wash the bishes. BRB.


Goth Chick: I need to attenend a funeral and wear a white dress. Bleh.

Me: I tried to go to a funeral naked, and my mom yelled at me.


Goth Chick: I am bisexual. I don’t know which sex I like more.

Me: How original: A bisexual goth.

Goth Chick: Most men are jerks. 😛

Me: All men are evil. Hitler was a man. Stalin was a man. Bush was a man. Ergo, all men are evil and women are perfect. This isn’t sexism.


Goth Chick: Excuse me, but stop following me.

Me: I just wanted to inform you that there is a guy stalking you!

Goth Chick: He is my best friend!

Me: What kind of  friend is in it for the sex?

Goth: We live thousands of miles away!

Me: Uh huh. He’d still like you if you were fat. Yep.


I heard the other day that tax payer’s money was spent on building treadmills for shrimp. Thus, we should cut goverment spending, especially wasteful stuff.

Fair enough. But a lot of people have demanded for the goverment, but never really do it. More commonly, they say they want to “cut spending”. But by cut spending, they mean “cut spending, but not on the programs we like.” Republicans want to cut  money from social security and health care, but will rarely even think about cutting military spending or ending tax cuts for the rich. The reverse is true for democrats, although democrats are less likely to endorce cutting spending.

I’m just saying it is a bit hypocritical.

Hell, I think the shrimp trendmill was worth it. Take a look at these videos!






Its better than spending a trillion dollars on wars that barely accomplishe anything…


Today on double standards and whining, taken from FML:

Today, I went on a third date with this guy, hoping I’d finally get some action. I got a high five. FML (1007 likes, 297 dislikes)

Oh. My. God.

Three dates…and he still isn’t fucking you. The…HORROR! You dealt with him for one dinner, then a movie, and then you hang out with him…and for what? A high five? Not even a simple round of oral sex? How classless!

Hitler gave high fives to his girlfriend after his third date.

Today, my girlfriend hid my car keys and decided that she wouldn’t give them back until I succeeded in giving her an orgasm. FML (1271 likes, 24220 dislikes)


Today, I found that the love of my life is 3.5 inches, fully erect. My cell phone is bigger than that. FML (48486 likes, 8573 dislikes)

Never have I seen such a sorrier sight. Everything was going well until…he had a small cock.

How will our relationship survive?

I have no idea! I guess one can only hope…this will be tough…I think I might cry!


Gave tags to my post since yesterday. I think I got 3 or 4 views.


Man, all of TV is shit. Hell, they even got a Robot Chicken for kids: MAD.



I am so fucking bored it hurts. I have heard that boredom s the worst emotion, and I agree with that. No friends, no games…

That’s it. I’m watching fucking ROBOT CARNIVAL!


Like Lensman, Robot Carnival is an 80s anime, is a sci-fi, and was aired around the same time on the sci-fi channel. However, it is very different in style.

RC is a collection of eight short films by nine directors. Each revolve around the theme of robots and their interactions with humans. However, only two of these films actully have dialogue. They are more music videos than anything else. An anime Fantasia, if you will.

The animation, like many 80s anime, is really good. The attention to detail and the way things move put today’s anime to shame. However, content-wise, they are hit and miss. A lot of them are made to be really artsy, but kind of fail. Here is how I judge the acts:

1. The fist one (which is the opening and the last animation) has not much of a point, but it does set the mood for rest of the show.

2. A retelling of Frankenstein, I didn’t like it. It was creepy, but it dragged on WAY to long.

3. A homage to 80s action anime, this was my second favorite. It so generic that it becomes awesome.

4. Kind of a supernatural romance. The best one of the bunch, but if suffers from bad subbing. Pretty touching.

5. A romance/action anime, it was too similar to number 2. Still enjoyable, though.

6. An artsy section. Didn’t like it at all, since barely anything changes.

7. Amusing enough. It also has poor subbing, but it wasn’t as hard to understand what they were talking about.

8. Night on Bald Mountain with robots. It would have been better if it was more in-sync.


Not extraordinary in plot or messages, but the animation makes everything a lot better. Go ahead and watch it.

What Do I Like?

A new Katy Perry song came out: “Last Friday Night”. It’s only notable because a bunch of idiots are now saying ” Tee hee, this is so much better than Rebecca Black’s friday. Lol.”


Tired of the Casey Anthony case. Why is the death of one little (white) girl any more important than the many deaths that go on everyday?


I think I should state what I like in my culture, for future reference:


Video Game Music – Although rarely considered an actual music genre, there are many OSTs for video games tthat are excellent, especially in RPGs. My favorite tracks come from the Mega Man and Final Fantasy games and Wild Arms.

80s Rock – I like Rock, but the best age of it was around the 80s, with Styx, Journey, and Queen. They all give off this emotion of “passion” that few other generes can give off. You know what I am talking about. 

Power Metal – Its like Rock, but even faster, more hardcore, and better…when it doesn’t sound generic. Dragonforce is my favorite band of all time, but Power Quest and Rhasody of Fire are also great.

Classical – Very relaxing. Although it is not my favorite genre, you will get the most hate from me if you say it sucks. Sadly, a lost of the music sounds indentical to one another, but they are still good.  Beethoven is the best composer, and musician, of all time.


I have not watched many of the classic films, so I have not seen many movies that have truely moved me. However…

Inception – A very original and compelling film. I am very glad it did so well in the box office.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – The best comedy and children’s film of all time. The animation was cute, plus it was one of the few movies that have actually made me laugh. It barely got dragged down by its appeals to entertain the younger audience, which is something many family films suffer from.


When Anime is good, it is really good. Unfortantly, you have to dig through fields of crap to find the good animation. In order from worst to best:

Elfen Lied – A depressing anime that feels “natural”:  you actuly get to sympathize with the charcters in it. It is gory and contains nudity, but they do not feel like they were just tacked on. Also had a beautiful opening. This would have been a lot higher if it had a better ending, though. It felt like it needed at least one more episode. That’s a shame, considering how much the anime didn’t cover in the manga. Its also a shame give that shows like DBZ, Bleach, and Naruto get hundreds of episodes while this gets only 13, which was not enough. I still recomend it.

Miyazaki Films – A popular entry, yet they deserve it. Few other forms of media can take you into another world as well as his films. Each one is beautifully animated and is quite original. However, many films are just point A to B quests, with gaps where “action” should be. This hurts their rewatchability. Still good, though.

Although they are all in the same league, I like Spirited Away and Princess Mononake. SA deserves its popularity and had a message, while PM seemed to be the best paced, IMHO.

Gunbuster – The only anime on the list that has not been dubbed. It is a mecha (super robot?) that is only six episodes long and has suprisingly little fighting, but I just loved the charcters and animation. I just really ended up rooting for the main charcter to overcome her struggle. Excellent music, plus a heart warming ending. The sequel isn’t that good, though, but it has nothing to do with it, really.

G Gundam – A super robot anime, it has everything that it needs. Great pacing, great music, likeable charcters, plot twists, touching moments, and utter awesomeness. The best of the Gundams, even though it is nothing like the rest. Don’t underestimate it.

Death Note – Everybody likes this one. An exciting game of cat and mouse that keeps on getting better and better. Gotta love the moments where you go “Oh! You just got intellectully checkmated!”

Code Geass – Another popular entry. Its like Death Note, but with mind control instead of a death note, more moments of awesome, and, most importantly, giant robots. It would have been higher if it went down during R2, but at least R2 managed to fix itself with the ending.

Gurren Lagann – The king of super robot anime, GL is the pinnacle of awesome. Nothing is awesommer than it. Yeah, the charcters and animation are really nice, but, when it comes down to it, it does best at being EPIC. I loved it. Also watch the new scenes from Lagann hen after you are done with the series. That will blow your mind even more.

Idiots on Parade

Justin Beiber has gotten is own perfume.



And now, a charcter description from an original charcter from Deviant Art, where the charcters fight to regain their memories. This is all 100% real. Boldface is used to emphaize heavy lulz. She is American.

Enjoy the grammatical errors, lack of capitalization, and confustion of time and tense.

name: annor l. musto
weight:90 lbs
height:7 “3”
personality:happy most the time, plans out a situation quickly, quite and shy, loves tyto Alba books
b-day:may 21
nationality:usa but knows every language including animal language

annor is my name but backwards.the gost has no real backgammon or name but it can never forget things so everything it remembered about annor is its only life, but it wont tell anything about annor’s past to annor.
the nonamegost goes by jer and floater.jer is a bad influence but still helps out in some way.jer cheats alittle by entering peoples minds or dreams and talking to them or giveing advice.

annor’s storey for joining is that she cant rembere who restored her or made the wings for her and she wants to thank them,and she gets odd dreams/headaches about a lab that may have been where she had been tourchered.
the gap in the middle of her tail feathers is from running away from rabid dogs, is grabbed the feather and pulled it out.

like a feather thay need to be pruned, annor’s tail sheets and primary flight sheets need to be pruned, there made of small strands of metal fashioned like feathers, she often pruns them like an owl too.slient like an owl too.
thalons in flight are another story, the thalon is just like an owls’s thalon too,the 2 tows in front and back, and when she dives or grab for something one of the tows swings around to the front,she is very gental when picking up something.
running is hard for her too because her tows curl up.landing with something isnt as hard as u thing, she can carrie enemeys or friends to safety with out landing on them or hurting.all flight maneuvers are natural owl flight maneuvers including hunting.molting is not a big problem because the sheets Reagan them selves and move.

she has no real weapons because she doesn’t start fights. but if she had to figth she would use her claws,wings,talons,teeth,and the clamps to get away.
climbing is an option too if her wings are damaged.dogs or anything amonge that nature mite bite her middle part and find there mouth filling with nasty oil, this harms the biter and annor, annor usualy faints and spark welds the hole shut with the sparks.


green food
mean people
people trying to eat her

strong lifter,puller,swimmer,flyer,climber

measly distracted
gets lost often
has an animalistic side
not a good runner
too trusting

that little pokemon her name is spark, shes a pet of annor and no there is no way spark is used in battle.spark sleeps in that slideing neach thing.

tyto alba drakeîn or barn owl dragon: also know as puffowl
name: puffowl
weight: 443 lbs
personality: wise and deep thinker
puffowl only appears when annor is lost or needs help,puffowl also goes by puff or fluff. tho puff is a type of dragon, shes a guide for annor, and not an actual fighter. some people have trouble seeing puff and only see his eyes,he tought annor how to fly and read different languages.

what she will have to relearn
*lofting of the ground
*who to trust
*why she entered
*why puff is guiding her to places she needs to get too
*why jer is giveing bad sugestions and why it dosnt leave


FanFiction.Net – unleash your imagination

Yes, that is the actual headline for the site.


Lots of anti-bullying campagins lately. I’m not sure how to feel about it. I guess it is nice, but it really is begining to seem like a lot of people are in on it because everyone else is. I’m sorry, but when 50 Cent gets on your boat, I have to question how thoughtful your people REALLY are.

After the Vacation

I visited Bradson, Missouri for vacation. Its not technically part of the south, but they still act like it is.

I disliked it. Everything about Southern culture is based on the concept of conformity. Yes, the word “conformist” is an overly used word, but everything screamed “We are a group! You better agree with us!” Let me explain:

Fashion – People my age wear flimsy clothes, worn-out jeans, things with advertisements, and visable underwear. People in the South wear baseball caps, plaid shirts, American flags, and beer guts. Both are f0llowing the status quo. In the South’s case, it is to look as red-neck as possiable.

American Pride – I never want to see an American flag again after all the flags I have seen in the South. These people do not just think America is just a great place. They think it must be REVERED! You must EXCLAIM your pride to America, or else you HATE America! Show your love by buying as many flags as possible!

I feel okay about America, but even if it were an awesome country, what would be the point of saying how much you love it? Especially at this high of a level. It is all part of being a group, more than the pride itself.

Southern Pride – This really got to me. Are we really going to split our pride between specific regions? More importantly, what values do Southeners actully endorce? If I were to just base it on my visit, they just endorce conformity and being a “country boy/gal”. I’m sorry, but I don’t see the bright side of having a sub-averge education, working a simple job, and dying without impacting the world personally.

And then there is the Confederate Flag. Yeah, I know people say it is only a symbol, but if I tried to hijack the swatizka and scythe and hammer symbol and tried to endorce German/Russian pride, I’d get my ass kicked. It is also sureal to see TWO stores sell confederate flag bikinis.

Country: Its amazing how similar Rap and Country are. Both endorce being in a paticular group, being excessivly manly, being unintelligent, being a lower class, homogenous music, etc…

Religion: Take a wild guess.

Note: Despite not liking the South, I am still not proud of the North.  


We visited three shows. We got a $300 discount because we visted a timeshare meeting.  The guy said it would be 90 minutes long. It was 4 hours. 4 hours of people sucking up to you, offering deals that do not even make sense, and stalking your mother when she goes into the bathroom.

We did get to see a magic show, though. Kirby was very good. I am almost tempted to look up how some of these tricks are done. But that would ruin the entire point wouldn’t it?


Now for somber rambling:

Sometime ago I told of the stories that really got me into this. One was about MTG and the other was about a chatroom. I left out an important detail about the chatroom one. I found out a lot of the feelings that the other people had for me after doing some research on Pastebin. What really got to me was tat they weren’t worried about me at all, but just very annoyed.

I have come with terms with the main people involved, and the people involved were usually nice, but still…yes I know I seemed a bit crazy at the time, but don’t we all get that way once in a while? Don’t we all need a helping hand one day?

Was a human’s sanity not worth your time?

One More Post Before Vacation

My mood right now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4IRMYuE1hI


After going on ED doing some research, I have learned of the art style of “basing”.

Basically, you get someone else to draw the frame for you and then you put out your OCs. Seriously.


I mean, I would not call myself an orginal artist, but at least when I take photos, that is all me. I don’t leech off of anyone else’s work.

The sad thing? Not too many people show disapproval, at least on the pages themselves. On the one above: 22 love it, 17 joy over it, 1 wows over it, 1 is mad, 1 is afraid, and 1 is neutral.

Hard work and creativity? PFFFFFFF!!!!


I’m writing a story. It was the most original idea I could come up with. I got two pages down. <_<.

Moar Pics


I don’t think I posted this, but it is a good song.

Also listening to Power Quest. It is underated.


I saw a porn star with a Hello Kitty tattoo. That’s a turn off.


Why does Jace, the Mind Sculpter cost $109.99 mint ($200 foil)? And why hasn’t he been banned?


More pictures from a wannabe photographer, then I’m off to vacation


I cried last night. I cried for how I could not love anything. I cried for having no friends. I cried because I have no friends. I cried because nothing happened in the past year.

And now? I just don’t care. Funny how that works.