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I Now Support SOPA

This post was entirely inspired by the Wikipedia blackout. Not only is it annoying, but it harms the British and the Australians (Probably).


I’m not saying the bill is perfect. I think it should give more time for websites to be notified about copyrighted material so they can take it down. I also think it should have stricter standards so it doesn’t go the way of the DMCA, used when the person using it is obviously doing so under fair use.

However, piracy DOES need to be stopped. According to our copyright laws, movies and songs can by copyrighted, yet these mediums are often “stolen” by people on the internet. Hell, half the comments I’ve heard about SOPA were “Shit, I can’t torrent anything anymore!” and “This is cenorship!”. At least the first bit makes sense: the intended purpose of this bill is to prevent piracy, not censor ideas.

You want to pirate music? Buy it instead. Can’t afford it? Then make do without or use sites that use ad revenue, such as youtube’s VEVO accounts.

I often critize capitalism because it does not provide for the guarnteed welfare of its citizens. But, although I do love well-made music and movies, these arn’t required for a healthy life and there still needs to be a profit motif for companies.

But what do I know. I am probably an ultra comu-nazi for not thinking that this bill will magically KILL THE INTERNET!