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Tales from the Earthsea…

One of the worst films I have ever seen. Goro doesn’t even begin to capture the magic that is father did.

Okay…the music is decent as well as the animation. But everything else…

The plot was terrible. So many details are just completely ignored by the end of the movie. What was the main charcter looking for? What was the wizard looking for? Is that orang-haired lady a witch? What are the powers of Teru? What was up with the main charcter’s “shadow-self”? Was the main charcter a victim of mind control? How was the villian going to achieve immortality? What about the DYING WORLD?

This movie was so bad, it could have been good if it weren’t for the terrible pacing. Seriously, there are three fight scences, and little happens in between them. The battles aren’t even that long or that good. A movie doesn’t need fight scences, but when your film is so poorly done…

It was pretty funny to see the villian. Not only did he look like a cross between Michael Jackson and Manson…on a diet, but he seems to have the magical ability to teleport from place to place when off-screen. Otherwise, he was pretty generic, just like the plot.

The poster of this film indicated that there was going to be dragons in the film. However, they only appear three times, rarely mentioned otherwise. They were in the opening scene (which was pointless), the momement Aaron and Teru hugged, which was chessy as Hell, since it was after one the worst speeches I have ever seen and had no reason for being there (I think the dragon was supposed to symbalize their love), and at the end…where Teru transformes into a dragon out of nowhere, defeating the bad guy with…friendship?

And then they lived happly ever after.

It really seems like either huge plots were removed early on, or, more likely, they needed fodder for ads. It is a shame, though: the dragons are very well made. The fact they spend less than 5 minutes  in the film was a terrible misstep.

I give this film an F+. It is of better quality than Ghost in the Shell (and funnier), but it is longer.


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