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Fox News Comments – AIDS Victims Had it Coming

The individual suffering from AIDS certainly is a victim — frequently a victim  of his own lifestyle — but this same individual victimizes innocent citizens by  forcing them to pay for his care,” he wrote.

Wow Ron Paul. That is really scumy. Its not like people who have frequent sex KNOW that they are going to get AIDS. A lot of people have risky sex their entire lives and never get AIDS. Hell, you can barely have any sex at all and still get it, just by getting unlucky. So, Ron Paul, we should just let them die off based on this alone?

Hopefully, Ron Paul fans are at least willing to admit this is a flub on Paul’s part…

Clearly this is an attempt to make Paul look like he has a problem with gays.   Ron Paul is one of the few politicians that repeatedly says it’s nobody’s  business what contract two grown adults have with each other. (+4)

Fuck me.

Really? Off of Fox News? And Ron Paul thinks that states can create Sodomy Laws.

We must stop thinking as Democrats and republicans and start thinking like  Americans!
Ron Raul or God help us all!!!  (+3) (Don’t conform to other’s believes! VOTE FOR RON PAUL OR I WILL CUT YOU!)

When have democrats ever thought like Americans? (+2) (FUCK THOSE NIGGERS   LIBERALS MAY THEY ROT IN HELL!!!!!111)

Here is a long one

Stop dredging up  “truth” that transcends the politics of the moment.
Twenty years ago we  knew little about aids but one thing we COULD know is that without protection  you have a VERY GOOD chance of contracting aids if you don’t protect  YOURSELF.
You people PRECLUDE the fact that WE ARE ADULTS and as such are  RESPONSIBLE for OURSELVES. 
There’s no argument here, Dr. Paul is  and WAS correct – people who aren’t “responsible” are the people who don’t think  it will “happen to them” and make the WHOLE suffer because of their lack of  reality and people are going to CRITICIZE ANYONE who speaks the  truth?

People fuck up. And sometimes the logic behind it is sound. And you want to leave these people to go bankrupt or die?
Pandering to the intellectually, physically, and spiritually lazy  is k i l l i n g the nation.  WE have LOWERED our standards so far that I  personally KNOW Ph.Ds who CAN NOT SPEAK IN PROPER ENGLISH!

Spirtually lazy? Yeah, whenever or not you are a good citizen depends on your believe in JEBUS!
It’s time to  stop making excuses and start insisting people are educated in reality in every  way.  Those who won’t come into the 21 Century need to go to an island and  make all the laws that they are comfortable with in  their collective  intentional ignorance then they can see what the true cost of NOT TRULY ADULT  really means and what it truly costs. (+6) (You and six other people would be the first ones there.)

It is actually quite sane to expect someone to face the consequences of his own  actions, even while we feel pain at another s pain. The only controversy here is  the attempt to further a Marxist agenda (Communist Manifesto) of taking the  fruits of labor from those who produce and give it to those who don’t. Feel  sorry for the person who has to bear the burden of paying for the actions of  others.   (+3) (FUCK AIDS VICTIMS THEY HAD IT COMING I NEED ANOTHER YACHT DIE SOCIALISTS DIE!)

Remember, ObaMaoCare determines your rights. (+2) (What are you even trying to say?)

Each of us have the right to make our own choices and to pay for  them…personally. (+3) (I accidentally nailed a nail into my hand. I deserve to pay for my actions as I die from gangre because I can’t pay for health care!)

Seems the more attacked Dr. Paul is the larger his camp gets. (+3)  (HOW DARE THEY ATTACK LORD SAVIOR DOCTOR RON PAUL!!!)

Ron Paul has it  RIGHT! The gay community practices same se, even  with  all the warnings out ther! Then, if they get sick, they expect the  taxpayer to foot the bill……………. Don’t back down Ron……YOU   got it right! (+3)(…There is no God).

So Dr. Paul  believes people should be responsible for their own decisions. He understands  the importance of freedom, but also makes people aware that personal  responsibility goes with it. Interesting concept for the entitlement generation  to grasp. Our country is broke and the nanny state will end. Electing the status  quo candidate like Obama or Romney will not fix the issue, it will just help  usher it in. You can be assured it’s all going to end. The NDAA Bill that was  just signed will help the government control the masses when the free stuff  stops and marshal law is declared.Dr. Paul is the only candidate who can prevent  the end of our country as we know it. RP2012. (+3) (I got a virus because I like shaking people’s hands. I am DYING, but DOCTOR RON PAUL tells me that it was MY FAULT and I should man up! Thanks Capitalism!)
LIB/DEMS equal failure. Without it they have no one to control. (+4) (???) 
Soon, you’ll realize how far and above Paul is over ObaMao and that Paul is a  real American while ObaMao is an America hating Afro-Marxist. (+4) (Afro-Marxist? Jesus CHRIST I’ll let you say nigger, just stop making up these euphemisms!)
Stupid analogy. In any case, BUY AIDS insurance then. You’re not required to  have car insurance unless your going to drive a car. Get it? (+1) (AIDS Insurance –  The Libertarian Solution to Health Care woes)

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