Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Movie Marathon

Me and my sister had a bit of a marathon.

We watched the Jungle Book 2’s second half. Pretty animation…but it is pretty much the same movie as the first. Pretty much like all disney sequeles.

The ending is…actually almost identical to the one in the Hunchback of Notre Dame…which we preceded to watch. My sister loved it. <3.

Finally, we watched the second half of Persepolis. I already read the first graphic novel, but I didn’t read the others, so it got to add to the story for me. Very good,. but it felt like it ended to quickly. Watch it if you are into biographies.

Never said that I watched the Corpse Bride, did I? That was a good film, too. It really felt like a fantasy story that came out from a children’s book. It was dark, well animated…no major problems.

My sister recognized Chistopher Lee in that film before I did. Wow.

Going to watch a bunch of stuff in the next few days. Chistmas first though.

Got an 80 B- in AP Calculus AB. I’m fine with that. 🙂


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