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Deviantart SMACKDOWN: I <3 Tracing!

On an anti-trace, anti-base stamp:

I disagree with this completely and fully. While some bases I have seen are basically the whole character but the color of the clothes and the hair, many are simple outlines and, literally, a BASE for your drawing. I know that some aren’t as talented at drawing bodies and human figures, but can draw clothes and details much better once there is a shape to draw on. If you are looking for the perfect scene/pose, but you are having tremendous difficulty, a base will go a long way in helping. I mean, some people just color poorly over bases, which is not art and just a waste. but some people use bases the way they should be used, as a guideline for what they want to create.
You are free to disagree with me, no offense intended, even if you never thought about the way it could make people who use bases feel.


I DISAGREE! Traceing can actually be really dificult and as long as they say were they got them from, there should be no problems, AND if you don’t like them then that’s to damn(apoligie for the course langueage but it was needed to get my point across) bad! ALSO if you’re also going to say something about copying, well unless you own it than firstof all it shouldn’t concern you, second of all, it should be taken as a compliment because it means that that person admires your work/capability/whatever!
So, next time you do this sort of thing maybe you should use the brain you were born with, and think about wether someone might find it ofensive!  


First What so wrong with trace base? It for the use for people with OC. And just because I make them doesn’t mean I’m not creative. I do alot of other stuff too. >:/ I know it’s your opinion but really?! That’s all.


I disagree with this really strongly. Editing someone else’s work CAN be creative. Especially if the thing you create out of it gives you positive vibes and makes you and/or someone else happy. I shouldn’t need to ask permission, because its wrong to reject those positive vibes. As in, saying no to it when my intentions are good, would be wrong, so I wont even give them that opportunity.


Using a base helps with you’re anatomy. It’s not lazy and it does help. And making a base is helping other people improve their art. Ever since using bases my hand-drawn art has improved.


This is a stupid stamp. I like doll bases and I think it shouldn’t matter if they are traced as long as they have permission to use them.


Pssst… if you dont like it, then nobody is forcing you to do it, or even look at it. But, dont criticize other people for doing whatever the hell they want. I love that you have your little opinions and all that, but tone it down a bit… people might start to think your a bitch.


for the people on here that dont like bases you should check:iconbuddydaisycrazey10:‘s pic called please… then tell me what you think …..if you look at it it lookes compleatly origonal it is from a base bases are good as long as you dont take the credit for the pic, so saying someone has no talent for using bases is a lie. someone wants to see what other people would do with the same design they used so dont critise (Y U NO LIEK ENGLISH!?)


i trace sakuras eyes and face but i make my own rpcs hair clothes and forhead protector and when im done it looks nothing like sakura


We’ll do our thing, You do yours.What if someone is a horrible at drawing and can’t draw as well as the pictures they find?And they find a base of it that they can use?They’ll probably use it.No offense.






2 responses to “Deviantart SMACKDOWN: I <3 Tracing!

  1. Zinge January 5, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    So I guess taking a famous painting and adding a moustache and a funny hat is creative. Same logic. Idiot.

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