Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Starchase Sucked

It was a 1985 animated film that I stubbled on while watching a series called “Reaction and Review”. The author of the vid, Hellsing920, said it was good. So I drank the kool aid.

Starchase: The Legend of I Don’t Give a Shit is a shameless Star Wars rip-oof that looks like it is American, but I believe it is acutally an anime. I am always teribble at explaining plots, but you can almost copy-paste Star War’s plot, especially the charcter archetypes, and get the same one.

At the very least they could have stopped using deus ex machinas. Magical fairies that know everything about electronics and have the power of telekinesis…massive self-destruct buttons…THE POWER INSIDE CONQUERS ALL!!!!!1111…oh yeah, the pilots of the ships are worse than Stormtroopers.

D. It didn’t make me as angry as Ghost in the Shell, but it was still rancid.


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