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The Hunchback of Notre Dame – The Best Movie of All Time?

I watched this film again after almost a decade. I knew it was more adult than other films, but I didn’t think it would be so powerful. I was wrong. This film was absolutely amazing.

The animation was great. The story, while not entirely orginal, is powerful and touching. It actually has a message behind it, and while it may be an obvious one, it is something that many films lack.

The best two parts of the film were the villian and the music. That was what really seperated the film from other top-tier ones. The villian is not only very intimidating, but he seems to be one of the few villians, in cinema history, to actually feel like he could exsist in real life. He doesn’t just feel like a caricture. The music is just, hands-down, the best I have ever seen in film, with both a great chorus and great songs by the leading charcters.

This film does NOT deserve the 6.6 it gets on IMBD. How can it be lower than Toy Story 3 (8.6), South Park (7.7), and Ninja Scroll (7.8) (among many others)?! I know there is always differences in opinion, but a 6.6?

A+. I officially place it on my favorite movie of all time now.


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