Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Bad Times

Dad: You keep forgetng to check the e-mail for extra credit.

Me: Sorry.

Dad: You are slacking.

Me: Just forgot.

Dad: Really? You are getting worse, grade-wise.

Me: This stuff is hard, I’m doing my best. You wouldn’t even have a chance yourself.

Dad: I’m not liking the way you are talking to me, son.


I cried a bit that night. I couldn’t control myself. I don’t like my dad, really. Don’t hate him, but he isn’t a dad to me. He still treats me like a child. I can’t say anything when he accuses me of being lazy, even though I’m doing my absolute hardest. Whatever. I’ll pretend to love him untilhe pays my way to college.


Went to a small college with a girl from AP Enviromental Science. We tried looking for the people we needed to work for for extra credit, but we couldn’t find them. Hopefully, we will still get extra credit.

Went to the aquarium Sunday. Fun, but I don’t want to go back for a while. gets boring after going to it so many times.


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