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Ghost in the Shell is One of the Worst Movies of all Time – Expanded

This movie was garbage. The fact that it has a high rating only proves that a bunch of psedo-intellecuals managed to collectivly approve it because it is “complex” and “metaphorical”.

The one good thing about it was the animation. Although I got bored of the color grey after a while, the style was unique and well-done. However, nothing else about this film is enjoyable.

I had no clue what was going on. There were too many terms being thrown around and the plot was moving WAY to fast at times. They never defined anything. I barely had an idea of what was going on in the film. This film is so complex it makes Inception look like My Little Pony. That does not make the film smart. That makes the film annoying. It needed at least 30 more minutes to get the viewer to understand the world and the charcters that inhabit it.

The ultimate message of the film…I just didn’t give a shit. Apparently, it is something to do with identity and how the AI wants to become human to replicate or something, so it fuses with the main charcter…I have no fucking clue.  And it succeeds…even though the charcter involved has no noticable personality change.

I absolutely hated this film. If someone read this film review (LOL unlikely), then they’ll probably call me an idiot. Fine. Go enjoy your Tree of Lifes and Eraserheads and Sad Clowns Flipping Pancakes. Meanwhile, I will search for something that actually has half-way decent narrative.



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