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The Girl Who Leapt Through Plot Holes

I watched this anime with my sister today. It had nice music…but so much shit was wrong that I can’t recommend it. And that is in addition to not being as much of a fantasy film as I thought it would be.


-The bike deaths could have EASILY been prevented. Seriously…turn the bike…jump off…

-Magical walnut? Really?

-Okay, he went back in time…to view a painting? Really? And he didn’t take the precautions just in case he got stuck? How was there absolutely no pictures of this painting at the time, but information on its existence and where it was at what time?

-The girl goes back in time over the stupidest things. The most notable: going back in time to avoid another guy telling her that he knows about her ability…just to go back in time a minute to avoid the conversation.

-Why does it matter to the guy from the future that the girl knows his secret…when they are BOTH stuck in the past? Is there time police?

-He say’s wait for her…even though he must live in a place decades into the future. Hell, she doesn’t have to wait for her: all he needs is another time machine! He could even, get this, stay there!

-Her aunt says that multiple girls at her age experience time leaps. But, when you learn why she goes through them, this is pretty much impossiable.

Overall…C- at best. They tried to handle time travel, but they got too much wound up in their hands.


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