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Deviant Art SMACKDOWN: Kingdom Hearts

That’s it…

I need to take Deviant Art DOWN! I am TIRED of so many people loving the site when their art and tastes are GARBAGE!

Let’s start with ranting about…KINGDOM HEARTS!


Kingdom Hearts has 552,926 pieces of art for it. So you would expect the game series would be good, right?


Kingdom Hearts is an action RPG that is most well-known for its crossovers with Final Fantasy charcters and, well, everything and anything related to Disney. Most of the levels are from Disney films, as well as a great majority of charcters. Of course, since Deviant Artists love fan fiction and anything Japanesse, they eat this shit up.

The plot is shit. The main charcters are a Gary Stu, a Mary Sue, a generic traitor who finds the light, and shitty disney charcters. It is basically a long fan fic, only less lulzy. Most of time, you just spend time at disney worlds (LOL!) that have nothing to do with the main plot, and the main plot is, as I said, to generic to care about. And the problems only stack up more as the series goes on. For the longest time, the game that branched numbers 1 and 2 was only for the GBA, which means that people without the GBA or the DS were kind of confused. The plot of KH2 focused on a group of beings that were supposed to have no emotions, even though they clearly want emotions REALLY BADLY and are willing to make sacrifices that don’t benefit them at all (Y’know, Axel…). Oh, and the person we thought was Ansem in the first game is not Ansem, but his heartless posing as Ansem…NO, it’s ANOTHER guy’s heartless posing as Ansem!

And DAYS…oh my God…the game’s plot is the EPITOME of fan fiction, even if it is canon. The game reveals nothing new except a new charcter…that everyone forgets by the end. And every charcter spams their catch phrases. Great.

Does the gameplay save the train wreck? Nope. You have a keyblade and spam presing the X button, once in a while dodging attacks or using a potion/cure spell. In the sequal, you spam the triangle button once in a while, too. That’s it. Nothing is indepth about the game play.You just spam buttons, doing little else.

so, its a mindless fanfiction game series…no wonder why deviants like it!



One response to “Deviant Art SMACKDOWN: Kingdom Hearts

  1. gfhhthhtjtjytjyjjy December 9, 2011 at 4:09 am

    I don’t agree with you about the plot and characters, those aren’t that bad, but you’re spot on about the gameplay. My 4 year old cousin, I gave him the controller, and he beat the last boss, and I wasn’t even at a high level. He just spammed X. Totally broken gameplay. It’s press X and use Cure when you’re dying, other magiv is pointless, Summons are pointless…

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