Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Tidbits of Insanity

From Occidental Dissent:

“Outlaw Conservatism in Black Amerika”

Fucking white Nationalists. This will be fun…

Millennials, you have no idea of what is about to happen to your cloistered world. It is going to be far worse than you ever thought.

Crime rate’s down. Economy sucks, but both sides are fucking up hard.  Culture sucks, but the 1950s weren’t any fun either. Didn’t the last generation of white racists say that about the other generation? And the generation before?

Just to annoy white racists: the worst people in my school are a bunch of white kids who hang out at the back of the bus. But those guys will never get kicked out by you because they’re white, and all white, non-liberal people are perfect.

But this is the real gold: On MLK’s peaceful protests:

Did MLK ever condemn Malcolm X? What about Stokely Carmichael? What about North Vietnam? If MLK was seriously committed to “non-violence,” then why did he hang out with black nationalists like Carmichael who glorified violence?


MLK never worked with Malcolm X, and he isn’t supposed to apologize for him, like white people shouldn’t apologize for the Holocaus…nope, shit, didn’t happen guyz. Most white nationalists make Carmichael look like a kitten.

The only reason MLK has a statue on the national mall is because the MSM glamorized him (with their powerful new tool called television) and turned him into a manufactured black celebrity. Why not put a statue of Paris Hilton on the National Mall?

He was the leader of a movement against what is generally conceived as a terrible institution. That’s why people revere him too much, like the founding fathers are all revered too much (Both Jefferson and King had sex out of wedlock, but nobody calls either out). Why can’t you see other people’s points of view?

Lincoln raised an army to attack the Southern states. His irresponsible actions led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Bravo.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Civil_War Not as simple as that. Besides, weren’t the Confederates traitors? Wait,  white Conservatives can never be traitors. Nevermind.

(9) MLK said that only love could drive out hate – How did MLK practice loving his neighbors in Montgomery? He violated their laws, soiled their culture, ruined their businesses, judged their moral behavior, put on a circus for television cameras to draw attention to himself and to demonize the people who lived in his own city.

Holy fucking shit! What did you want him to do “Please, please, please give us equal rights!” Yeah because that worked well holy shit then you would have complained he was violent for wanting freedom and that he should of been happy with his place his organization didn’t HARM anyone “Oh boy, boycotts? Civil disobedience? Insulting confederates ancestors? JUDGED THEIR BEHAVIOR! WHAT A HATEFUL NIG-MONSTER!!!! OH BACK TO AFRICA BEFORE WE LYNCH YOUR ASS YOU VIOLENT MUTHERFUCKER!

…and that is only covering the basic bullshit…


Again, some people, if given infinte power, would only destroy those who aren’t like them, blinded by their bias.

But…hehe…this is a funny thing…

I’d burn it to the ground, every single last person. Because, everyday, I see the world as less  and less redeemable.



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