Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Read an article about a Republican taking Weiner’s place. So many idiodic comments about OBAMA! LIBERALS! YOU’RE GOING DOWN! and how Obama is a socialist communist monster who is going to destroy Israel (I thought he was their puppet?) Typical immature, far right bullshit. But there was this great comment:

All you morons who love to bash the rich … did it not occur to you that this is one country where you can become rich also? Many poor immigrants to this country within a few years reached the American Dream and made millions, and if you are poor and stuck in a rut, you have yourself to blame — NOBODY IS HOLDING YOU BACK but your asinine view of the world and your own idiotic small mind!!!

WOW! Talk about a peon defening a social class he probably isn’t even a member of. Yeah, it so easy to get rich in America. If you can’t become rich, then it is because you are a moron. The poor had it coming, even in today’s tough job market.  I don’t even need to refute this…
BTW it is the rich in this country that open business, create jobs, keep the money flowing in the economy, invest in the financial markets (to fund businesses that expand and create jobs). It is the rich that we have theme parks, nice hotels, supermarkets filled with zillions types of producsts, and zillions of choices in everything at the retail level. Some countries have only 1 brand of bread for example!!! Many countries don’t have the rich … they are called 3rd world. So before you drive away all the rich and investment in this country, think of the USA WITHOUT the rich … that would truly be a huge 3rd world country.

WOW! Jesus fucking tap dancing Christ!

All I have to do to refute your argument is point to the Gini Index:


See, 3rd world countries have rich people. They are just are VERY corrupt, creating a social class that oppresses the the lower classes.

Where is the trickle down effect for Botswana? 

Of course, since Republicans are sheep (although only slightly more sheepish than Democrats), this comment got thumbs uped.


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