Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Read more graphic novels. One real good one was Blankets. Over 400 pages long, but I finished it in a day. Pretty sad. Kind of makes me worried, too. Would the person I love go away if we had miles between us? That…doesn’t seem right. Whatever, good book, check it out.


Got my first job today: During lunch, I move food from place to place so people can buy it or store it. I get $3.50 in lunch credit for 25 minutes. I don’t need the money, but I want the experience. Can’t eat hamburgers everyday, so I think I might give away my credit once in a while.


Days ago, I watched two kid’s shows, one from today, and one from the past: MAD and Secret Squirrel.

MAD was a kid’s Robot Chicken, pretty much consisting of bad puns and references. I heard Seth Greene as Captain American, and I kind of lost it. This show…man, I should have recorded my reaction. I was pissed. Just ask my sister.

Secret Squirrel was actually…FUNNY! Not perfect, but leagues better compared to MAD. SS and Morocco Mole have to find out who is stealing the art from the musuem. They find out it is a Chameleon, who “blends in” with the art to become a part of it’s world. The art is actually real, CLASSICAL art, although the nudes are replaced with female anthro bunnies.

They come up with a way to capture him when they find a room artwork that hasn’t been touched. They cover the art, and then trap him in the room when he enters. They the reveal the art: MODERN art. The Chameleon proceeds to freak out, unable to “blend in” with the pictures because of their odd shapes, colors, and meanings. They then squish him with a canvass, turning him into a piece of modern art.

See what I mean when I say our culture has jumped the shark?


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