Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Got suspened from moodle. Why? Because of this comment (paraphrased):

“I think we should get over 9/11. We need to stop collectivly crying every year.”

He said the comment was “insensitive”, “inflammatory” and lost me “the privelage” to post on moodle for a week. It is quite ironic that an AP Goverment teacher would do something like that. Where’s my first ammendment rights? I know it is your/the school’s property, but it is like getting banned from a Christian fourm for forgiving a mass murderer who seeks repentence. I also tried to read a book during the movie. He stopped me from doing that…and reading the book after the movie. Because I needed to think about the 9/11 film we just watched.

Well, to make up for this transgresstion for not especially caring about a disaster that happened 10 YEARS AGO, I decide that, on here, I will post what should be expected of a typical American:


What those MONSTERS did that day was UNFORGIVEABLE! They killed an INFINTE number of people that day! Then they started JACKING OFF on the dead corpses, the shoved DEAD BABIES up their asses! All this death caused HITLER , STALIN, and SUPER HITLER to rise from their graves! The amount of evil that day was so huge it caused bunnies to cry, panda babies to be aborted, and the future cancelization of Firefly! Then they went to the Constitution and took a shit on it, then torn it to pieces in the front of millions!

Just when AMERICA thought it lost all hope, a brilliant ray of light came down from the heavens! Riding their Hummers came Jesus, Chuck Norris, all of the founding fathers, and Ron Paul. They used the powers of FEDERALISM to restore the Constitution, then used its powers of the 2nd AMMENDMENT to give shotguns to every single American. The following shoot-out was awesomer than a half-lap of NASCAR! After deafeating the pedophile savages, Jesus burned them in Mount Doom, where they were forged.

I personally believe that everday should be 9/11 rememberence day, for the rest of eternity. Every week with 9/11, we must not do anything and morun their death. Every 9/11, we must sacrifice 100 virgins to Jesus. Ground zero is now a holy ground. Anyone who doesn’t follow this doctrine , does not make 9/11 the #1 priority in his life, or thinks we should start worrying about other things shall be executed.


9/11 was a scary day. But we can’t hold it in such a holy place forever. Mourning over the past gets nothing accomplished. It can transform our charcter and lives, but there is a limit to how much we should focus on it.

That should have been obvious from my statement. I was NOT trying to be inflammatory!


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