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A-Z of Power Metal, Part 1…OKAY, Part LAST

3 Inches of Blood – Stop. YELLING!!! D-

Best Songs – I couldn’t here them over the YELLING!


Adagio – The background music and rifts are sweet, but the vocals are generic and often YELL/GRUNGE too much. C-

??? Factor – A power metal verstion of Fame?

Best Songs – Can they PLEASE the vocals? Because, seriously, some of these songs would be great. However, that is not the case, so there is nothing to recommend.


Aina – Super generic. C for Contrived. NEXT!


Aion – Power Metal from Japan. Groovy, but not extraordinary. Songs tend to start out rocking, but lose my interest over time. But it is the first entry that isn’t bad or painfully average. B

Best Songs – “Black Heart”. Sounds like a hardcore opening to an anime. Then again, that is true for many of their songs. :3

??? Factor – Some band members have been in a band called “Mein Kampf“. And yes, it has Nazi imagry.



Alestorm – AKA “The Pirate Power Metal Band” (Not to be mistaked with Swashbuckle, the Pirate Death Metal Band). Ever cooler than it sounds! The theme is fun, and the music uses a variety of instruments, other than just drums, guitars, and keyboards/keytars. Pirate music instruments!  Not to insult the work on the other instruments. The band may not be the deepest of bands, but it isn’t supposed to be. B+.

Best Songs – Actually, most of their songs sound the same. That is one of their biggest flaws.

??? Factorhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=os5TXyJlEMc&feature=related

Click the link. When you click it, you will SHIT BRICKS!!! Trust me, it is SURREAL!!!


Almah – :/ C-.


AlogiA – …sigh…C-


I quit. For every good power metal band like DragonForce, Rhapsody of Fire, Power Quest, and, as seen here, Alestorm, you’ve got ten generic ones. I can’t take this!!!

So yeah, go listen to Alestorm. ARGGGHHH! Otherwise…at least power metal is…slightly better than regular music???


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