Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


is it wrong to fuck a 14yo if i’m 20?
Have you… or would you hook up with a guy old enough to be your dad
Do you /r/atheism
Have a conversation where the tenth line of dialogue is “thats what she said.”
hOnK hOnK hOnK :o)
even gavin from autoglass couldn’t fix amy winehouse crack problem
If you’re horny/lonely and you know it disconnect
Are you horny?
/mu/ is a bunch of fucking hipster cunts
Whats the proper way to beat your mutt when its bad?
Is it bad if a girl shaves her upper lip? Will it grow back thicker?
What if i told you the stranger in red is gay?
are you horny?
Several recent studies found that nearly all homophobes are actually repressed closet homosexuals themselves. Can you recall any prominent bigots that have been outed as gay recently?
Skrillex is fucking awful, faggot.
How much wood, could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (Okay, that was kind of funny)
can you turn her on and get her wett?
((4!)+1)/ 10% of 500 =?
What is the weirdest place you’ve ever masturbated? (m or f) (RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR GODAMN CORPSE!!!)
Can a quartic function, with infinity as an upper limit, have a numerical area?
Pika pika! Pi pika pi, pi pika chu?
If you enjoy Skrillex, you have awful taste.
DOCTER STALKER!!! do you know who
You’re attacked by flying dildos! What now?!
Did I say A: I tickled you and kissed your cheek or B: I butt fucked you and gave you ass warts?
Where do women belong? A. In the kitchen. B. On our dicks. C. All of the above. Or D. In a working environment (LOL)
Big tits or flatter chest?
If the thing in your left hand were to catch fire, how screwed would you be?

Ever notice how easily people are confused by a sentence that doesn’t end in the way they potato? (Okay, that’s kind of funny.)
Number of legit questions: 2
Fuck you omegle and fuck the world too!

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