Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

What Did I Just Watch?

I just watched Genocyber…

I watched a good deal of anime movies this summer, but not one of them made me regret watching them. This did. The concept is a combination between EVA and Elfen Lied, but much poorly executed. Important scenes went by too fast, important plots eventually abaddoned, the main concept if made of gibberish, basically, and the fight scenes were too short. The gore was cool, I guess, but it does not matter without substance.

But at least episodes 1 through 3 were mediocre. 4 and 5 really got me pissed. It had an interesting concept (maybe not original) of a post-apoc city where the rich enjoy the suffering of the poor, but shit just stops getting explained. Why was Genocyber at war with the world? Why does one of the girls who compose Genocyber call a woman “Big sister”? Why is there a large Genocyber, which turns into a smaller one? What was that think in the sky supposed to do? It didn’t focus enough on the romance of the two mains, and the girls of Genocyber barely speak.

D OVA. Quite bad, but not the worst.


My sister Mosquitos are eating me up. And my sister got shot with a paintball by some guys in a van. Not the first, either.

Fuck you mosquitos and fuck you humanity.


Trying to use Omegle to get something good to watch. Either people are stupider than I thought or there WAY too many trolls on the web. Bah. Can’t say I didn’t make some troll questions, though (Is it moral for vegitarians to eat animal crackers?).


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