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Ape Escape Reviews

Note: At their core, all of the main games are pretty good. Monkies are always fun to capture and the platforming is solid. But some do better in areas than others…

Ape Escape – Best of the franchise, IMHO. Mainly due to the difficulty: You can only withstand 5 shots instead of 5-1, you lose a life when falling into the abyss, and apes are harder to find and more heavily armed. Also may have the best tone (not to happy) and the best music (Listen to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdmwdbvZnbA and you’re mind WILL be blown!). Mini games were mostly timewasters, but I have fond memories of Monkey UFO or whatever it was called. A.

Ape Escape 2 – Too much diffuclty was taken away, but there were admittidly a few hard moments. I like how things are pretty zany though most of the game. They do a suprisingly good job at keeping levels original. They give you three new gadgets, but I only used one outside of puzzles, and mostly for fun. The creation of the Magnet led to boring rooms. There are more bosses, which is cool, and Monkey Soccer is fun, even if it is easy to exploit. There also a great deal of extras to observe, although some of them are pretty bad (Monkey Fables…). Still has pretty good music. A-.

Ape Escape 3 – Too zany for my tastes, and Ape Escape 2 was zany. Too easy, too: They give you a bunch of forms in this game, some of which are way too effective at capturing monkies. Even more additional stuff to collect, including a basic movie maker and fourtunes, but nothing too major. Mesal Gear Solid was an okay mini game, but the others were kind of pointless. B+

Ape Escape: Pumped and Primed – Meh. Gameplay gets repetitive, and it ends up just reusing maps. None of the vechicle matches are fun, and I question the charcter balance (glares at Team M). Can’t say I didn’t have fun, but there are better party games. C.


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