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MLP: The Debate/Troll

This is why I got a youtube account.


Fail. Just fail. Nothing more, nothing less. Considering the vast amount of material in creation, plus this show’s popularity outside of children, it is quite sad. Even disregarding the fact IT IS A KIDS SHOW, there is nothing of substance in the series, just annyoing charcters and FRIENDSHIP. Indeed, this may be the cancer that kills /b.

@themisanthropex Yeah, a genuinely entertaining cartoon about ponies is going to be the cancer that kills /b/, when you have motherfuckers posting gore, shock pictures, scat and CP on there on an hourly basis, right? Get the fuck outta here with that shit. Go hate on something worthwhile.

@PsychoBurgundy6 u mad bro? Glad you didn’t actually defend the show. Because the show really does have no redeming qualities. You just wach it because it is pretty and is so sugar coated to the point it can never resemble real life. It turns the off switch in your mind, even more so than other comedies. At least ED can present arguments that can offer contary points of view. This offers nothing, like most kids shows.

@themisanthropex We see your point. But, unfortunatly, it is comprised of utter bullshit.

Know why? Of course you do.

Bullshit. Because, like alot of your comments, they are only written for one thing and one thing only. To express your bigoted and negative attitude. I detest that.

If the show offered “nothing” like “most kids shows” then why is it such a surprise or problem?

When did you gain the power to tell me and others why I like something?

And when did MLP become a “comedy”??

Pfft. Moron.

@MrAnonymousGB Oh. Nobody has yet offered any explanation why they liked the show. They are too busy being butthurt by having someone disagree with them. Bigoted? I watched the entire first episode with an open mind and it was trash? Negative? Somethings deserve to be critiqued.Its a problem because of its popularity outside its audience. If it isn’t a comedy, then what is good about it? The EPIC adventerous? The moral conflicts. FRIENDSHIP?

@themisanthropex Just because a show is funny does not make it a comedy.

And so no-one has offered an explanation, right? How about you ask for one? Would that hurt?


Negative? Yes. It appears it spreads, perhaps as you intend.

Okay, so you don’t like the show.

THEN JUST GO. Your whining about it wont achieve anything but people getting angry (e.g). Be a better person and leave. I mean, is it going to have that much of an impact in your life, such that you must come on here and bitch?


@MrAnonymousGB Again, what else there is to the show other than ADD ponies doing stuff with FRIENDSHIP. I have prompted for an explanation/defense in my 2nd post. I only posted one post, expressing my freedom of speech, but that alone was enough for you to go Planet of the Apes on my ass. You are taking this much worse than I am, which shows your lack of maturity when it comes to people with contrary points of view. Not suprsing coming from a MLP fan.

@themisanthropex Is no caps lock a better tone?

Your missing the point here. I’m not angry because your oppinion differs from mine.

I’m angry at what you are and have been doing.

Coming on a MLP video, and posting obnoxious comments about how much you hate it.

You know people here like the show.

But yet, knowing this, you still come here and direspect MLP fans for their choice to like the show.

That’s weird. How can we repect your oppinion, when you cant respect ours?

@MrAnonymousGB Again, I have only made one post regarding my personal opinion on the show, yet everyone has acted lke it is the end of the world.People critize music in the comments of music videos, but I don’t see people going on a Jihad against them. I have respected your opinion, although I disgreed with them. In return, you make a hissy fit and have not yet even bothered to defend the show itself. You are just losing your shit for someone who has the AUDACITY to think your show is shit

@themisanthropex I mean, I wouldn’t go on a strawberry shortcake video, watch it, and then shout about how much I hate it. It’s called respect.

I’m a better person than that. In that sense, I find it hypocritical of you to question my maturity at all.

But lets be civil here. If you want to know about why I like this show so much, we shouldn’t debate about the matter here. It’s a waste of commenting space. I know deep down you don’t want to hear my oppinion, but I think we can come to some terms.

 @MrAnonymousGB There isn’t an imaginary door that says “PONY LOVERS ONLY!” Posting videos on in youtube leaves them open to criticism. It would be the like a movie goer going to a bad movie, reviewing it, then people critize him for reviewing a movie he didn’t like. I have asked you for anyone’s opinion for almost every post outside of the first, but nobody has offered it. You are also assuming things about me. This is coming from the same person who said I was assuming things about MLP lovers.


Who won, who lost? Don’t care. All I know is that some MLP fans are getting really pissed over minor things.


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