Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Video Games Too Awesome to Exsist

Hand of God –  What happens when you combine an eroge with an actual game, Hand of God is an RPG similar to the Diablo franchise, in the sense that a lot of it is randomized. However, what makes the game different is its story. You sign youself to one of four Gods: The Goddess of Love, the God of Hatred, the God of Wisdom, or a mysterious new God. Each God has its own story, own set of values, and own tasks it assignes you. You have many choices to make, which lead up to one of three different endings for each God. These are not “reload” endings!

Naught but Darkness – A storyless game, it is an FPS Sandbox. This game focuses n the atmosphere and feeling: The entire game takes place in near darkness, only enough light to know the identity of enemies nearby. The game has many locations such as forests, mountains, caves, and bodies of water. Each enemy is unique and horrific, with massive “bosses” (you can fight them mutiple times in different locations). Exploration is very important, so there are many places to explore.

Damn!!! – An EXTREME FPS, this game has bad 3d graphics in exchange for MANY enemies at once and hardcore weapons. No Pistols, regular Shotguns, or Grenades. Instead, you get Very Rapid Laser Shotguns, Hyper Launchers, GIB Grenades, 10-Barrel Machine Guns, 20-FT Beam Swords, and the Super Nuke Launcher. All enemies blow up into bloody bits, even the machines. Although you are heavily armed, you are vastly outnumbered, so the game is very hard. But awesome.


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