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Racism? In MY Country?

Who ever said that racism is dead in this country deserves to be shot. It is hidden,yes, but it is defiantly there, preferably by the males after one or two drinks, with the rest of the family nodding in argreement, even the ones who you thought were the nicest people in the world.

My dad is one of those people. Mostly his racist comments are about actual people he met, like how his friend was robbed by two black kids. Far enough, I guess. Nobody likes ghetto blacks. But his racist rant two days ago was so ridicuous that I do not want to call him my father anymore.

We were at a hotel for the German Fest. We came back, with no bad events happening. There were black people at the hotel. So my father gets a call from my uncle, I believe, and he starts ranting about black people before leaving the room to rant harder, probably calling them niggers (he has before).

What did the black people do? They ate too much. When he went down to eat breakfast, he came back to the room and came then came back again, with the people still there.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! People eating food that is free for them by contract? OHHHHHH!!!

Jesus fucking Christ. Nobody got robbed, shot, murdered, or anying. He was going racist over people eating to much. Yeah, because I bet he would do that if they were white. Remember you’re 300 pound sphere you call a brother-in-law? Have you ever complained about him eating too much.

Dude, I asked the time to my sister, and I black guy answered it. I was in an elevator with three black guys in my swimsuit and LIVED! WTF?

Yeah, we are never going to get over racsim in this country. Fuck you, “Dad”.


An amusing video:



2 responses to “Racism? In MY Country?

  1. plaintain1 August 3, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    Interesting. When you say ‘nobody likes ghetto blacks’ – are you saying there is a difference between those blacks and say, the blacks from the city, the country or the surburbs?

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