Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Movie Update

A movie is being made about the killing of Osama bin Laden…

Fuck you, America.


I watched All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 and The Secrets of NIMH.

ADGtH 2 is underated. It is better than the first film: it has a more interesting plot (IMHO), has better music, better humor, and no BIG LIPPED ALLIGATOR moments. Not the best animation, but on par with disney films.

The attacks on it are pretty bad, too. Too light-hearted? Uh, the main villian is a DEMON that attempts to gain control of all the dogs in heaven. Oh yeah, a dog also is sent to hell by the end. A film can still be a bit dark without directly killing anyone. The Horn was a plot device? Not really. Its power is to open gates, including the gates of heaven. Maybe its ability to move souls was a bit of a stretch, but hey, it was used this way by both the villian and main charcter.

Haters going to hate, B+.

NIMH is overated. I liked the dark animation and I liked where the plot was going, but it ultimately went downhill, not giving enough information about NIMH and not enough development of the kind-of main male rat and the villian. The magic in the film isn’t explained, and the movie ends on a deus ex machina.

Haters going to hate, C+.


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