Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

4 Questions I Have About Aliens

This is in response to my mother, who loves History Channel specials on them.

In order of least to most important:

How did they learn local languages? Aliens rarely land on Earth, yet many of them seem to know the local language of the persons they encounter. How? Who taught them this? Who did they ask? What book did they read? If not, what technology could possibly be used to learn human languages?

What’s up with all the races? Astronaut dwarfs, large aliens with spade heads, reptoids, greys, greens, ones very similar to humans, ones from Venus, ones from Mars…and others. Why have all these aliens acted essentially the same way toward’s the situation on Earth (see the last entry)? Why have their been reports of aliens from places that obvious are lifeless? If there is this much variety of intelligent life nearby, why don’t we find more traces of them?

How did they get here? No known technology would be able to cross galaxies at the speed that aliens do.

Most importantly…why have they done NOTHING!? No actual contact with us other than a few landings, crashes, abductions, and cow mutalations? They found another planet with life on it, yet they have not bothered to find its leaders or conquer it? Why would ANY sentient being do that?


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