Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Attack of the Killer Facts Mistakes (and Ron Paul)

-Furries are not only people who dress if fur suits and get sexual pleasure from it. Some furries like to draw anthroes of themselves, but not for sexual pleasure. Some are attracted to anthroes, but not fur suits. In other words, all fur suiters are furries, but not all furries are fur suiters.

-We have known the source of poison dart frog’s posion for quite some time now. They get their posion from their diet of ants. That’s why they lose it in captivity.

-This book acts like Lizzie Borden definatly killed her parents. She was found not guilty and never confessed, nor was there any defining evidence.

Okay book, overall, though.


I found out that Ron Paul is actually pretty popular with some people on the internet. I would be okay with him (I have no idea what works to make a good economy)…if it weren’t for his idiodic stances on church and state, freedom of speech (he tried to get burning the flag prohibited), abortion, and gay marriage. He also has this weird obsesstion with states vs. federal goverment, which I will never, in a hundred thounsand years, understand unless its a ploy to get things the way he wants it to be. Why is the state goverment so different that the federal one?

Most of all, though, is his absolutely ridiculous fans:

REVOLT (+16)

Please vote Ron Paul! Hes our only hope. (+13)

Why is America so unbelievably stupid What happened to them? Why do we put up with all of this shit the government forces upon us and gives us these lame candidates. It’s no different if you voted for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, they’re still the same idiot. I wouldn’t vote because the whole system is corrupt, but Ron is the only one who gives a shit about personal liberties, is aware of how bad our system is, wants to abolish foolish programs and bring back our original freedoms. Vote for Ron. (+17) (Except the freedom to burn flags, and he’s pretty fine with people losing the right to have abortions or same sex marriage if the state decides it)

This is the only politician who makes any sense. It’s Ron Paul in 2012, or this country is doomed. (+62)

I know a patriot when I see one, and Ron Paul is the only patriot running for president since James Madison. (+43)

Chill! People are very comfy in their armchairs, glued to the TV with a bucket of icecream/chicken/pork/beef/pop­corn and a canister of coke! They are too fat and too dumb to fight! (+26) (Fun fact: this argument has been made for every single position, no matter how extreme, ever)

Ron Paul….will become the REAL 44th President of the United States of America in 2012!! (+48)


gave me goosebumps (+7) (On Ron Paul ad)

Ron Paul encourages me to be a good human being.

I want to emulate Ron Paul.

I live in Canada. (+6)

This should have more than 30,000 views! If the media didn’t censor Ron Paul, there would be no question who would win the next presidency! (+29) (I know how you feel. I would be emperorer of the universe if it weren’t for the God damn media!)

I hope and pray to God he does not get Assassinated. If so, time to riot. (+24)

I’m an Athiest, but by force of habit I’m inclined to say God bless Ron Paul, this guy needs to be in the drivers seat for a few laps. (+58) (*Points to his stance on seperation of church and state*)

Ron Paul, just some friendly information…I already gave up. I took 95% of my capital out of the US Dollar, quit my job as a Policeman and left the country. Now I have land in Northern Europe, gold, silver, and francs. The smartest decision was to get out from under the ”Owe”bama regime that is headed by the Federal Reserve as ”Federal” as Federal Express. Ron Paul is America’s only hope but cannot win because the media plays games with him and most Americans are too dumb/ignorant. (+70) (Sorry I don’t know how the Federal reserve works compared to  other systems. Guess I am a dumbass for disagreeing with you economically. DOI!)

@JourneyOfCelebration Then you’re an idiot. I think America needs to split in two. Libertarians get their own country with the Constitution and the rest of you tools can practice socialism/communism somewhere else. (+???) (Sorry)( I think you are a Communist. REFUTATED!)

Ron Paul is like James Madison incarnate. He’s sworn to defend the Constitution and he’s one of the very few who takes his vow seriously. Ron Paul is my hero and he has my enthusiastic vote. Thank you for everything you do, Dr. Paul! (+39) (Ever get this strange feeling that, if the Consitution said “Kill all people named Bob” people would listen to it?)

 244 nazis watched this video (+2) (on the dislikes)(Hi guyz how do i Godwin?)

What a Ticket for the Constitution, Freedom, Liberty, Common Sense, Truth, Reason, Hope and America’s Future and Prosperity….

Dr. Ron Paul / Dr. David Duke

FOR 2012. (+7)(Two can play at that game).


Yeah. Even disregarding the fanatics, I’m not sure if I trust him since he is a social conservative. Not to mention I vowed that I will vote for Barrack Obama simply because the reaction to him as been so overtop that his far right opponents can’t go a week without calling him a socialist, communist, marxist, fascist or a secret atheist/muslim. I just want to spite those people at this point.


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