Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Japan and Enigma

Once again I find myself listening to Zager and Evans and other old, emotional songs.

Hey, lets make fun of Japan, as usual!

Why do you have a market for figures of hot (or cute) anime women for upwards of 50 or even over a 100  U.S. dollars? How about over 200?

Why does is their a market worth an estimated  to be at over 600 million dolars on fan material alone? Why do you need to capitalize on at the expense of the retarded? Why can’t I find the study that provides these statistics?

Why are you the only consistant source for serious animation when you have been failing to provide anything decent, not moe or porn, for years?

Uh…that’s it. For now.


I’m also listening to Enigma. Here are some of my favorites:




Love how my music ranges from hardcore to meditative. I just like emotion.


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