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Another video from TheAmazingAtheist:


Not the only bad response to the attack, though…


Isn’t it sad that the shootings are really just being used as political material, just like the one in Arizona?


The same day I rented The Cat Returns, I bought two double feature DVDs: All Dogs Go to Heaven and its sequel and The Secret of Nihm and its sequal. I watched the first ADGtH first.

It was an okay movie. It is about a dog who lives a risky life, gets a second chance, and befriends a human girl. It didn’t need to have dogs, but its a kid movie, so whatever. The animation was pretty good and the plot was at least interesting…but there were just too many problems with the storytelling. The main charcter (who looks a lot like scooby doo, when you think about it) really does a face turn at the last moment, deciding to help the girl, even if it doesn’t benefit him.

But worse of all is the the multiple events in the film the either amount to nothing or just come out of nowhere. Examples:

-The main charcter has a dream where he is sent to Hell for his actions. His reaction? Later on, he compltely trashes he girl he was with. WTF?

-An enemy dog is nearly killed by by pirhanas by his boss, but he saves his life by giving his boss a ray gun. The boss dog uses it on the main dog. He just shrugs it off. It is not expllained if the dog is immortal or if the ray gun just sucks. The gun and the fish are never used again, and the shooting is barely mentioned.

-This is the most infamous one: The big lipped alligator. Comes out of nowhere just  for a musical number (by the way, the main charcter is a terrible singer) and as a method to help out the charcters later in the film. Should have completely removed the charcter.

Overall, a C+ film.


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