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The Cat Return, Plus My Parents

I watched The Cat Returns (legally!). It was actually one of the best films I have ever watched, underated compared to the rest of Studio Ghibli’s work. Its LEGITAMITLY funny and puts you into another world with ease. And, as usual, the animation is great. A+ film, perfect for the entire family.


We rented The Cat Returns from Blockbuster for a dollar. My mom was going to go by herself to return the DVD at night. But my dad almost yelled at me when I said it wasn’t neccicary for me to go with her. He said “It was the gentlmanly thing and you really should get used to it when dating.”

None of my arguments of “She can fend for herself” would work. I could have pointed out that if the situation were reversed, we wouldn’t have been having the conversation, but that would not have worked, either. I like being nice to my friends, but I am not going to do something for the other sex while ignoring the other.

It irks me.


I had a dream last night. In it, I married a friend (that doesn’t actually exsist) and were walking in a park. Someone asked if I was gay. I said no and we married becaause we were in love, but not sexually attracted to each other. He then asked why we were even married, then.

Isn’t it sad that is probably the way we would react to that situation in real life?


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