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Source Code Sucked, Kind of


When I came into the film, I expected a decent Inception knock-off. What I got was an Inception knock-off that was even more convoluted than Inception. Does the “time travel” happen by going through a person’s memories or by going back in time for about 7 or 8 minutes? Is it natural or not for the machine to go beyond that time period? Is he dead or alive in the main universe? How was he able to create an alternate universe? Why did he fall in love with a woman he never knew for more than 7 minutes at a time?

The ending was the worse part. If it weren’t for that, the film would have gotten a B-, maybe a B. However, the ending fealt like the movie makers could get away with anything if they just added SCIENCE to it, just for a happy ending. At least Inception had a good 30 minutes pretty much explaining the power and limits of  the technology they used.

Very overated. C+ film.


Hate to post other people’s videos, but this video is pretty good:



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