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Hidden Music, Plus Grave of the Fireflies

I love it when you realize when a certain PS1 game you own actually doubles as a CD. Remember Family Card Games Fun Pack? It is one of those games, which is awesome considering it has so much relaxing classical music  (and a nice jazz piece). Another game like this: Saltwater Sportsfishing. Nice to listen to all the cheesy rock music it has, even if they are all short.

Its a nice touch and it always is a nice suprise.


I’m so fucking bored. I’m still desperatly trying to find a way for me to experience emotion.

You know what, fuck it, lets watch Grave of the Fireflies. More 80’s anime, but this one is supposed to be serious.


This film gets a A- for being so God damn depressing and having a grand musical score. However, I would be lying if I said I watched the entire movie. There were parts that kind of bored me and I just listened to it while doing something else. A nessicary feature, but still…

I kind of got turned off by how it seemed to have an anti-war message. I know that isn’t the ultimate goal of the film, but it seems cliche. It also focused too much on the simple stuff. I know that is the point, but I think there should have been more weighty events inbetween the bombshells.

Beautiful film, though. Regardless of whenever or not it is better, greater, or worse than other films, I think you should definatly see it.


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