Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Today and Yesterday

Yesterday, a “friend” visited me. I watched the new Harry Potter movie with him. I don’t know how I tolerate him, but something about him prevents me from yelling at him when he gets annoying. 

We watched Hancock. The first half of the film was pretty good. But then the second half completely destroyed the film. The first half was about a jackass superhero who needs to become more respectful of others. But then the second half becomes generic, creates a highly unlikely situation out of NOWHERE, and completely throws the theme of the first half out of the window. I have never seen a movie fall apart this fast. D+. Someone should just make a fan edit where most of the second half is cut.


I do not try to troll people on Playstation Home. But I can’t help myself. When they insult me for wearing a pink afro, write poorly even by internet standards, or wear saggy spants on HOME, I just have this epithany that these people DESERVE to be trolled. Sorry. But if they were smart enough, they could either leave or, I don’t know…ignore (the command) me.

Memorable Troll:

Me: Why are so many black people at the beach when they can’t swim? 


Me: Oh wow! Its Skids and Mudflap! I loved you in Transformers 2! Although I liked A Birth of a Nation and The Jazz Singer more…


I went to the library to play Chess again. I’m losing my touch, mainly because I’m losing the ability to care. At least I think that is the problem. Still not forming any real connection with them as “friends”.

I read three of the worst things I have read in ages in a row. I read an article in TIME about fan fiction, which just depressed me. Hundreds of thousands of works of fiction based on other people’s work? That’s even sad by fandom standards. I read a book called something like “Vampire Knits”, which were  instructions on how to knit vampire themed clothing, often based on TV shows or other media. No comment. The last was portions of Ann Coulter’s “Demonic”. It was a nice book to refresh me on “Why logical fallacies should not make up your entire book”.

So yeah. Not having much fun.


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