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Deathly Hallows Part 2, Yo

It was a great film. Granted, it didn’t have any real message behind it, but it had a lot of action, great effects, and it wraps things up greatly. However, the final battle was a bit underwhelming, the plot is a bit down compared to other films, and it just makes me feel that the first part was even more pointless. Harry Potter also turns up to be a Gary Stu.

Not much to say because it was pretty good. I felt like it was an A film, but I’m giving it an A- on the grounds that I only have that feeling because it concludes the HP franchise. A-


So, a bill has been passed in California that adds Gay history to the school’s study. It really depends on how much it covers. If it acknowledges the movement, then I approve. If it studies all the minor aspects, then it is then way too excessive. We just need enough information to understand social movements of all stripes.

Its funny though how views on matters like these are completely divided by political opinions. People who ignored the sitation in Texas will call this Orwellian and vice versa.

Of course, these opponents are much more ridiculous.

No wonder my child couldn’t identify the three branches of government when she was in high school. She was learning the really important stuff about our country’s history!

 If you can , never let your kids go to public school .
Just wait, next year California will require schools to offer a class on the contributions of Chaz
Bono to American history.
Well, just fuck everyone.

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