Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

Ramble y Ramble


Summer drags on. This summer has been so chaotic for me, emotionally. I’m having such a clash of emotions in my mind…

…Oh my God can my parents just shut up…they “fake argue” all the tie over the stupidest shit…God, shut up…

I don’t even know what to say anymore. To describe this feeling I have. I’ve had bad weeks before, but this is so…different. Then I felt like there was still hope. I’d be fine when school starts again. and I was. But now…

I can say that I am completely fucked. It is only getting worse from here. My love for ANYTHING has run out. Not even the pinnacles of human achievment entertain me anymore. And anything less than that disgusts me.  My ideal word is within reach, but we are just to stupid to ever even hope to reach it.

Nobody I know have been able to understand my problems. They just can’t relate to my issues. Most people are content to live an average live and just be happy. I want to experience actual emotion of all types, explore the mysterious and conundrums of the universe, learn something new about human nature. I want to impact this world, help the downtroden, advance our evolution. However, most people are willing to waste their days watching football, playing Call of duty, talking about people who will even be remembered in 10 years, or some other bullshit.

This light in the darkness is already feeling like it is one ther verge of being extinguished. I do not know how deprived I will become.

You lets relish in the maddness while it lasts!


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