Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

God Damn

I’ve been thinking about the war in Libya. At first, I was like “Well, okay, whatever.” But now I have been thinking about it. We might be going on a cutting spree soon. Yet we have enough money to act as the world police again?

Pah. I guess I’m just desenseitized to it now. We’ve been playing world police since WWII. Might as well not stop now…


People make cutting yourself look easy. They don’t show how dull most knives are and how strong your skin is.

This is the first time in about a year since I tried to cut myself. I never drew blood, but I have scratched myself up to the point my parents were noticing. I said it was because I fell off my bike.

I like to think that I could be able to tear a chunk out. Maybe not dies, but feel the pain. Not in a pleasurable sense, but just as a “FUCK YOU” to the world I live in. However, I hate pain. So I am essentially acomplishing nothing.

I am a fucking coward.



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