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I was looking at old PS games I had. Some were interesting. Here ae some of the lesser known games I own.

Action Bass – A fishing game where you fish for largemouth bass in one of four places (plus two secret levels, I believe). You rotate yourself around your boat, using one of several lures. You cannot move your boat and you can only catch largemouth bass. To put it simply, it is the worst game I ever played. However, I like it more than other terrible games, since cheesy rock music plays when you get a fish hooked. We still quote the lines “Fish On!” and “Caution!” Not much about this game other than a boring tournament mode and an aquarium to view all of your largemouth. :/

XGIII Extreme G Racing – The only game of these that was on the PS2. The third game in a series of high speed sci-fi races, this game is the least enjoyable game I own, although it seems to have a cult following. While I do apprectiate the speed of the game (you can go so fast, you can break the sound barrier!), the game’s controls are way too loose. That would not be as much of a problem if you didn’t always start in 12th place. Thus, you really have to memorize the track  to get a high ranking to win. That made the game unplayable for me…and I was on the “slowest difficulty”.  The weapons are also suprsingly ineffictive (can’t aim well enough) and there are only 10 tracks. Oh well, not everyone can like a game…

Family Card Games Fun Pack – This is a rare one. It is a PS1 game with ~10 card games using classical cards. It contains classics like single player Poker and Black Jack, Old Maid, and Memory, as well as odder games like Seven in a Row and Rich Man. My favorite one was always Splash. It is essentially a remake of Uno (although another game on the disc, Page One, is closer), but with an important additional feature: If an opponent played a card that is equal to the total value of cards in your hand, you can “Splash” them, reducing their points and adding to your own by a large amount, depending on the value of cards in their hand. It adds so much needed strategy to the usual luck-based game, even if it isn’t a lot.

The card games will always get boring after a while. The lack of a difficulty setting selection on most games is disapointing.  Not to mention you could always buy a pack of cards and play the games yourself with friends. But what REALLY makes this game memorable is how  pretentious this game is. Really. I’m playing card games against cartoon charcters on classic paintings listening to upbeat classical music. Here are some of the combinations (described to my best ability):

-You are playing Speed against a boar pirate on a still life painting of fruit (Monet?) to Infernal Gallop (AKA “The Can Can).

-You are playing Spalsh against a chicken, a monkey, and a snake with a leaf on its head. One of Monet’s Water Lilies is in the background. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 is the choice of music.

Here is the only video of the game I could find:


The Misadventures of Tron Bonne  – A spin off of the game Megaman Legends. Probably the most well known on the list, although still pretty obscure. You play as a pirate who needs to get enough money to free her brother froma loan shark. The gameplay is meh and lacking in content, but I really like the humor. The servebots are always entertaing and cute, buth suprisingly not annoying. It also has the funniest ending I have ever seen to a video game. 😀


Oh yeah. The thing I mentioned. It ended. Yeah.


Got a 3 on AP Bio Test, 4 on AP English, and 5 on AP US. I expected my Bio grade, because that subject was a hodgepodge, but I a point better than what I hoped for for the other tests.

But whatever. Its borderline meaningless to me. I’m not trying to be humble, because I’m not. It just doesn’t inspire me.


I’ve been into The Twilight Zone lately. The acting is always good, but the actual content is either hit or miss. Some of the episodes are shocking, but about half are very predictable. “What do you mean playing a kid’s game will make us kids? Oh. Well, I guess it does.” But, once in a while, maybe every other episode, it does get honestly creepy.


Only 2 out of 10 movies out right now are given a fresh rating on rotten tomatoes. And one of them is an adult comedy, which means that there is a 50% chance that it consists primarily of “COCKS LOL!”. Damn.


Looking around IMDB. Saw a list of “Perfect moviews”…with all of the Saw franchise, all of the Pirates franchise, and all of the Transformers films. That’s ammusing.



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