Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

The Games Sucked

Wild Arms 4 might have been good…but it crashed soon after it started. Just like my copy of Wild Arms sometimes did. Great. The game will be returned and I will search for a working copy.

The Sega Genesis Collection sucked. Sorry, retro gamers, but I didn’t like the games. The art and music made me smile, but the gameplay just was BAD. Sorry if today’s games have wussified me, but these games are too short, too hard (although the game collection allows you to use save states), too simpliatic and generally lacked plot. I returned it.

Technology really has improved games by miles, eh?


Angry Birds is getting its own movie.



Knocked Up is getting a spin off.



America Gods is being adapted.



Oldboy is getting a remake.



Space Invaders is getting a movie.



Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is getting a sequal.

Actualy, I really liked the first. This sequel could be really good. But if they screw up…


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