Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile

On Freedom

Some people have argued that most people do not believe in “true freedom”, but freedom of actions they find acceptable. For example, although most Americans think you should do whatever you want, we still illegalize many actions that follow these limits, such as prositution, drugs, public nudity, etc.

I think the biggest problem for me to accept those issues is whenever or not America would properly use those freedoms. Here’s what I mean:

Public Nudity

Best Possiability – “What? Oh, I’m naked? What of it?”

Worst Possiability – “Hey. I’m jacking off in public. You like it?”


Best Possiability – Crime is down, people smoke sparingly

Worst Possiability – “DUUUDDEEEE!”


Best Possiability – “Well, many monogamists don’t even follow their own rules. Love just doesn’t work out in fairy tales. You can fall in love with more than one person.

Worst Possiability – “Sup. These are my bitches.” or “Hello, we are the town on Ginsberg. We would like to get married!”


So, I guess I would allow these ignored freedoms…if they didn’t metldown society.


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