Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


20,233 people don’t have a life 😦 (+28) (On dislikes on Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night)

Thumbs up if you think there is only one Justin and he is not Bieber!!!! (16) (On Carry Out) (Yes, because songs about innuedo are so AWESOME!)

@lal7amv8 Shut the fuck up you stupid hippo britney is awsome (+48)

dont hate rihanna hate justen beber (+30)

Another deep and meaningfull song from Rhianna. (+4410)

transformers 2, THE BEST GODAMN MOVIE EVER!!!!!! (+7)

Sign My Year Book?

Hold My Balls.

LOL. (+11) (On Bad Teacher)


I’m so fucking bored. Don’t know what to talk about anymore.


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