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Vampire Hunter D, Yo

This is why I have not been posting for a day or two.

Vampire Hunter D is also a book series, but I am focusing on the two anime films, one from 1985 and another from 2000 (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust). Although the second film is kind of a sequel, you could actully watch them seperatly. But I recommend both.

The VHD series are about the mysterious vampire hunter D (obviously). In both movies, he his hired to save a woman from the hands of a vampire. These movies takes place  over 10,000 years in the future, but I it easier to believe that the films take place in another world entirely. :/

The big plus for both of these films is that they are very good when it comes to action. Both of them have D act like a complete badass as he wrecks werewolves, mutants, giants, and, of course, powerful vampires. The charcters that D face and befriend are often suprisingly unique.

Animation of both films are very good. The first one is awesomely 80s, but the other one is still very good. The first movie, however, loses points some points for having an averge plot, with not a lot of new material offered. The final fight is also a bit underwhelming. It does have plenty of fan service, though. The second movie improves on the story, with an important plot twist that makes things much more interesting. However, I do not like how an important villian ends up in the film at the eleventh hour.    

I give the first film a B+ and the second film an A-. The second film has more original charcters and a better plot, but the other one is just so deliciously 80s. 😛 See them both.



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