Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


There is a new show coming out for nickoldean. It is a generic pre-teen/early teenage comedy. Except for one minor, but IMPORTANT, detail: Its called Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures!



Thundercats reboot airing on Cartoon Network. Because the He-Man reboot was so succesful.


wish I could do that to her at 2:59 but with her bra off… thumbs up if you saw Katy Perry doing that here…(+23) (On Gaga’s Telephone)

Dear Katy Perry,

Can you please donate 999,698 views to my acoustic cover of this song?

It would be much appreciated :p (+18)

And now, instead of looking at comments, its time to look at an actual youtube channel!


This guy gets tens of thousands of hits and apperences with celeberties. And what for? Lip-synching to popular songs. That’s it. He airs the entire song, moves his lips, and kind of dances. That’s stupid. Anyone could do that. ANYONE. and it just isn’t funny, especially when you do it multiple times!!!

Oh wait. He has a disease.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.


He can make his fucking retarded videos and his fans can watch them. I am sorry for being so EVIL. 


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