Misanthropy X

Our Evolution is Futile


Old Conservative Guy: looking for tall muscular black girl with long straight blonde hair, overused sloppy cunt, bad attitude, and strong desire to be dominated by short asian teenaged girl…… or any interesting lady that wishes to converse. m please, thank you.

The internet is strange.


Today on Home Trolling:

Girl: Man, I wish we were in the 50s. Back then, everything was great.

Second Girl: What about the internet?

Girl: I’d find other stuff to do.

Me: Like lynching black people.

Girl: Shut up, today has nothing.

Me: We have technology, more freedom of sppech, more tolerance, more free time, higher life expectancies…


My dentist says I have declacification in my teeth. I say, “Oh well, fuck it.” and drink a soda. My teeth are fucked.


Yesterday, I started something ridiculous. I will never tell you what it is, but I’ll tell you when it ends.


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