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Our Evolution is Futile


Gave tags to my post since yesterday. I think I got 3 or 4 views.


Man, all of TV is shit. Hell, they even got a Robot Chicken for kids: MAD.



I am so fucking bored it hurts. I have heard that boredom s the worst emotion, and I agree with that. No friends, no games…

That’s it. I’m watching fucking ROBOT CARNIVAL!


Like Lensman, Robot Carnival is an 80s anime, is a sci-fi, and was aired around the same time on the sci-fi channel. However, it is very different in style.

RC is a collection of eight short films by nine directors. Each revolve around the theme of robots and their interactions with humans. However, only two of these films actully have dialogue. They are more music videos than anything else. An anime Fantasia, if you will.

The animation, like many 80s anime, is really good. The attention to detail and the way things move put today’s anime to shame. However, content-wise, they are hit and miss. A lot of them are made to be really artsy, but kind of fail. Here is how I judge the acts:

1. The fist one (which is the opening and the last animation) has not much of a point, but it does set the mood for rest of the show.

2. A retelling of Frankenstein, I didn’t like it. It was creepy, but it dragged on WAY to long.

3. A homage to 80s action anime, this was my second favorite. It so generic that it becomes awesome.

4. Kind of a supernatural romance. The best one of the bunch, but if suffers from bad subbing. Pretty touching.

5. A romance/action anime, it was too similar to number 2. Still enjoyable, though.

6. An artsy section. Didn’t like it at all, since barely anything changes.

7. Amusing enough. It also has poor subbing, but it wasn’t as hard to understand what they were talking about.

8. Night on Bald Mountain with robots. It would have been better if it was more in-sync.


Not extraordinary in plot or messages, but the animation makes everything a lot better. Go ahead and watch it.


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