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What Do I Like?

A new Katy Perry song came out: “Last Friday Night”. It’s only notable because a bunch of idiots are now saying ” Tee hee, this is so much better than Rebecca Black’s friday. Lol.”


Tired of the Casey Anthony case. Why is the death of one little (white) girl any more important than the many deaths that go on everyday?


I think I should state what I like in my culture, for future reference:


Video Game Music – Although rarely considered an actual music genre, there are many OSTs for video games tthat are excellent, especially in RPGs. My favorite tracks come from the Mega Man and Final Fantasy games and Wild Arms.

80s Rock – I like Rock, but the best age of it was around the 80s, with Styx, Journey, and Queen. They all give off this emotion of “passion” that few other generes can give off. You know what I am talking about. 

Power Metal – Its like Rock, but even faster, more hardcore, and better…when it doesn’t sound generic. Dragonforce is my favorite band of all time, but Power Quest and Rhasody of Fire are also great.

Classical – Very relaxing. Although it is not my favorite genre, you will get the most hate from me if you say it sucks. Sadly, a lost of the music sounds indentical to one another, but they are still good.  Beethoven is the best composer, and musician, of all time.


I have not watched many of the classic films, so I have not seen many movies that have truely moved me. However…

Inception – A very original and compelling film. I am very glad it did so well in the box office.

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – The best comedy and children’s film of all time. The animation was cute, plus it was one of the few movies that have actually made me laugh. It barely got dragged down by its appeals to entertain the younger audience, which is something many family films suffer from.


When Anime is good, it is really good. Unfortantly, you have to dig through fields of crap to find the good animation. In order from worst to best:

Elfen Lied – A depressing anime that feels “natural”:  you actuly get to sympathize with the charcters in it. It is gory and contains nudity, but they do not feel like they were just tacked on. Also had a beautiful opening. This would have been a lot higher if it had a better ending, though. It felt like it needed at least one more episode. That’s a shame, considering how much the anime didn’t cover in the manga. Its also a shame give that shows like DBZ, Bleach, and Naruto get hundreds of episodes while this gets only 13, which was not enough. I still recomend it.

Miyazaki Films – A popular entry, yet they deserve it. Few other forms of media can take you into another world as well as his films. Each one is beautifully animated and is quite original. However, many films are just point A to B quests, with gaps where “action” should be. This hurts their rewatchability. Still good, though.

Although they are all in the same league, I like Spirited Away and Princess Mononake. SA deserves its popularity and had a message, while PM seemed to be the best paced, IMHO.

Gunbuster – The only anime on the list that has not been dubbed. It is a mecha (super robot?) that is only six episodes long and has suprisingly little fighting, but I just loved the charcters and animation. I just really ended up rooting for the main charcter to overcome her struggle. Excellent music, plus a heart warming ending. The sequel isn’t that good, though, but it has nothing to do with it, really.

G Gundam – A super robot anime, it has everything that it needs. Great pacing, great music, likeable charcters, plot twists, touching moments, and utter awesomeness. The best of the Gundams, even though it is nothing like the rest. Don’t underestimate it.

Death Note – Everybody likes this one. An exciting game of cat and mouse that keeps on getting better and better. Gotta love the moments where you go “Oh! You just got intellectully checkmated!”

Code Geass – Another popular entry. Its like Death Note, but with mind control instead of a death note, more moments of awesome, and, most importantly, giant robots. It would have been higher if it went down during R2, but at least R2 managed to fix itself with the ending.

Gurren Lagann – The king of super robot anime, GL is the pinnacle of awesome. Nothing is awesommer than it. Yeah, the charcters and animation are really nice, but, when it comes down to it, it does best at being EPIC. I loved it. Also watch the new scenes from Lagann hen after you are done with the series. That will blow your mind even more.


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